Thursday, 22 May 2014

What's up?

Hello! My exam week is already in the half way, yayy! Just one more speaking exam of 15 minutes
and one essay of Finnish!

I have stored some pictures from last week here and I've also taken some pictures today so I am doing
a post about my daily life now. First pics are from last week!

Going to exercise with my Nike leggings <3 They are so amazing! Also wearing
a shirt of Puma

Food food food <3 bread with shrimp mayonnaise, yummy! One of the best breads ever.

Window selfie! I was sunbathing and also burned that day.. It is getting better but I just sunbathed
today and my chest is a bit read at least.. and itchy.

Now to this day:

Warm day and I didn't want to wear the same skirt as yesterday and on Monday so I wore this
old one. I think it is from H&M. Shirt is from Gina Tricot!
Also, not really wearing makeup because exam week. And I was about to sunbathe anyway.

After the exam I went to Subway with Senni and after that we bought ice cream and went sitting on the
bench in the park :) It is so beautiful now when everything is green!

I came home half past one or so and went sunbathing.. I searched for sun protection for 10 minutes or so
but I couldn't find any.. well, at least I found after sun lotion.

I tried to study and I did read something... xD not really planning on reading for Swedish.

Vilma was yawning when I took a picture.. That face though.

Don't you also think they have something in common? ;)

Bread with coffee :)

I feel like going running but I have exercised 7 days in a row so I am just gonna have 
a rest day today. I was supposed to have it yesterday but I wanted a break from studying
and I went walking with my parents :) Walked for 8,3 km!

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