Friday, 2 May 2014

Shopping & movie

Good evening! I've had a nice Friday with Petra. We went shopping to Turku and to the
movies and the movie was sooo good! It was over 2 hours long but I can say it felt like an hour
or so :)

A bit weird picture maybe, but this was my makeup today! I tried on a darker shade of brown on my
eyebrows and I think it is a bit better :) I am actually about to make a little makeup post about the makeup
of this day since I took some pics!

This picture was taken before I left! I was thinking for a long time if I should wear these heels
or not because they do start to hurt a bit quite fast. I love these shoes, though, so I put them on.

Shoes, Spirit Store / Jacket, H&M / Jeans, Dr Denim
Under the jacket I just had a striped t-shirt!

Petra gave me this hand cream because she didn't use it. I have started using hand cream so
it is nice to get some!

After arriving to Turku, we went to get out movie tickets right away and went shopping for some time
after it.

I finally found the shoes I've been searching for! <3 The first time they didn't have my size anymore
and the second time this color was sold out. I was SO lucky today: this was the only pair of this
color and it was also in my size! In addition to that, everything was -25% today in KappAhl

These are from KappAhl's Hampton Republic collection which I love! It is all about sailor-ish
style. I think these shoes are so cute and the little golden detail is awesome, haha. I guess I am becoming
a bit like my mom.. she adores these golden "plates" on clothes and shoes etc.

I wasn't supposed to buy anything else but I couldn't resist buying this cute peplum shirt from Bik Bok.
It has such a girly pattern and shape. 

So adorable :3 ♥ 
Now I also have some space in my closet so I didn't mind buying it. 

Anyways, now I am off watching Vampire Diaries on my tablet.. maybe I will watch an 
episode or two and then sleep!
Good night ♥

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