Saturday, 23 August 2014

Nails, jewelry & shoes

Hello! I've been away for a bit again but that is also because I am not really doing anything
and taking pictures.My exams are getting closer and closer and I have a Swedish book to read, so
most of my days I spend in my room studying and reading and besides that at school.

Last Friday I did go shopping with my mom, though. I found some nice jewelry, perfect shoes and
we also bought delicious chocolate!

Have been dreaming about these kind of shoes for almost a year now :3 From DinSko!

Some expensive chocolate: 1,20€/piece, but it tasted amazing :)

Nails <3 My favorite color with some brown flowers!

An outfit of one day :) I love this shirt from Pull&Bear! It is so cute (not so noticeable on the pic
but it has small dots all over it)

My current nails! My favorite red polish with some confetti (Rimmel Pop art -top coat from
Rita Ora collection). They remind me of a circus :)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

First day of school

Good evening, how do you like my new header? :) I was supposed to change it already a couple
of days ago but I somehow forgot.

Today was the first day of school (my last year, well, half a year!) and we just had a school
photoshoot and basic stuff for the beginning. Normal classes will start tomorrow and for me it
means at 1 pm <3 I can still sleep!

I love this bracelet: golden, diamonds, simple <3

The shirt and necklace which I wore to school today! I hope my picture came out good but that is
actually never the case :D

This is just the outfit I wore today after school and I really love these shorts, so cute and comfy!
Shirt, Gina Tricot / Shorts, Bershka / Bracelet, Bijou Brigitte

Shrimp soup for the evening, I haven't had this for a long time <3

As you can see, I have just taken some random pics today. I am kind of happy to be back at school
but that's simply because I can get my rhythm back: I don't sleep as late (which I like nowadays) and
I am gonna start exercising more regularly again! Oh yeah and also, I have a reason to wear
makeup :D (well, it is just nice in the beginning because after a while it gets annoying)

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Old Tow, Outfit & Nails

Yesterday, as I told you, I had a sleepover at Petra's. We wanted to go to the center for some time
so that we wouldn't just sit around the whole evening. It was also nice to walk in the old town and
take outfit pictures in front of buildings that are built hundreds of years ago.

Shame that I forgot to take a better pic of the necklace! (+ it has a bit weird position in the picture below)
I bought it the day before yesterday as well as the skirt and shirt.

Shirt, Gina Tricot / Skirt, Vero Moda / Necklace, BikBok / Shoes, Spain / Bag, Spain

Petra's cat, Eemeli <3 Such a cutie. She came lying next to me in the morning :)

The rest of the evening we were sitting outside, talking, playing with cards and Trivial Pursuit. I had
a great time!

Today I did my nails with my nice Chanel nail polish and added some flakes! The result seems
quite expensive for me :3

Finally I have long nails <3

Saturday, 9 August 2014

New in

Good afternoon! I have bought some beauty stuff yesterday when I went to Turku with my mom
and later Petra also came there! I went to the movies with her to watch Lucy. I have been watching
quite a lot of movies recently :)

Mango body butter
Strawberry shower gel

Facial peel-off mask in the smell of cucumber

I also bought a couple clothing pieces but I will probably take outfit pics with Petra this evening
so you can see them on a different post :) I am gonna have a sleepover with Petra tonight so
I will try to take other pics too!

Face of the daaayy

Oh yeah, I also borrowed a couple new books from the library: City of ashes and Divergent!
I am reading Divergent at the moment but it is going veeery slowly. I have been reading so much
that I want to take it a bit slower so that I don't get bored of it + I also need to study!

Now I am off to studying a bit and we'll see later, ciao!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

3 weeks of July

Hello, long time no see! I left for Finland the 11th on July and I was so nervous of flying. Fortunately
one Norwegian girl was also alone at the airport and we were talking a bit and she helped me through
the security check and also helped to find my gate :) I thought I had lost my boarding pass since
I couldn't find it but I had dropped it in my backbag.. whew.

The flight was good despite my headache and nausea. I was mostly reading (which I have been doing
quite a lot this summer) during the flight.

The 12th of July Ted came here for 3 weeks and I was so happy <3

Reading, reading.. I have read Mocking Jay, The City of Bones, The Fault In Our Stars and at the
moment I am reading the books of Pretty Little Liars. I have them as eBooks on my tablet because
all of those books were borrowed already from the library. 
Ted was also reading and I bought him a book called Inferno. It sounds really interesting :3
(Oh yeah and I have also read 2 health education books.. yay)

He left on Sunday, so it has been 3 days. I am a bit sad still but I am excited about going to the Netherlands
during my Christmas vacation :) 

Since my amazing boyfriend left, I have hung out with Petra and Anna. I actually have some plans
for this fall already:

1. 18th birthday next month
2. After my birthday I am gonna go on a cruise with Petra
3. I am maybe gonna go to see Enrique Iglesias with Anna on December. I have been to his gig
once already but I just really like his songs :3

Oh yeah and I also need to read a lot for my matriculation exams this month and also next.