Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Getting Ready

Good evening! Today was the last day at my job and now I can finally start sleeping a bit later than
6am! :D I am gonna leave for Spain tomorrow noon and we are going to arrive to Spain on Sunday
evening.. no posts for a bit then. I will have internet till Friday evening but it is probably shit on the ship..
at least last time it was!

Here are some pics:

Midsummer! I had a sleepover with Emilia and she did my eye makeup and put false eyelashes on me :3
I like them but I am not able to apply them on my own, hehe.

I did Emilia's nails: gradient and dreamcatcher!

On Sunday I was again with Emilia and she has been making shorts for me :3 we got them done after a few
hours (had to make a lot of adjustments). I will probably get some outfit picture in Spain where I am 
wearing them!

On Monday I had a relaxing foot bath. I am still supposed to do my toe nails.. was too lazy before :3

Packing, packing..

I have been lazy with exercising recently. The weather has been so bad that I had no motivation to go
out running. Well, on Monday I decided that I really have to do something so I did some muscle exercises
at home and I also did some yesterday.. my sides hurt so much!

Last but not least: my nails for travelling! Not related to travelling but I try to have these on for
some time now. Maybe I am going to take it off at some point in Spain and apply just one color.

I still need to pack a bit tonight and tomorrow. I really don't feel like I am leaving already tomorrow.
We'll see next week if not before!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Nails: Sugar & Flowers

The weather hasn't been summery at all for weeks now but I wanted to make summer nails in the hope
of it making the weather better.
Here I had my first attempt at sugar nail polish and advanced stamping!

My nails with OPI Nail Envy. 
I actually filed my nails a bit rounder after a few days of taking this picture. I hope they won't break as
easily now.

IsaDora Sugar nails, shade 135 Cotton candy
OPI Alpine Snow

So this is what happened first when I tried to clean around the edges of my nail. It became really
messy so I had to make a new decal.

The second one came out quite well

This one is with the new decal and top coat. The surface of the ring finger nail looks a bit bumpy but
I didn't want to start making it all over again xD
I also added some little butterflies on my index finger nail with Konad stamping stuff. My mom bought
a new stamper which is smaller so I had to try it :)

This hand looks really nice in my opinion :3

On Thursday I will leave for Spain so I am not sure if the next nail post will be published when I am there!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nail art techique: Advanced stamping

I was just browsing some nail art online and I came by 'advanced stamping'. Of course I had to
know what it means and now I am all crazy about it. Basically you can make a stamp into a "sticker" and
color it! I have taken some pics when I did it for the first time with a pineapple stamp.

You need:
1. stamping kit (image plate, stamp, scraper and a special nail polish), I use Konad
2. Detail brush (or tooth pick, dotting tool... they may just be a bit harder to work with)
3. Nail polishes that you want to use to color the image
4. Top coat
5. Tweezers! You can also use fingers but you need to be really careful then.

You stamp the image that you want to make a sticker of and let it dry. Remember, if you want to color it, 
it needs to have some space between the edges. 

Just fill in the area with a detail brush

Add topcoat. I used this one first but I changed it into another one which I think works better. 
You just need to experience with the topcoats a bit..

I add 2 layers of topcoat. The stamp on the left has a bit too much of it as you can see, so just
add quite thin layers (they do break easily, though)

When the topcoat is completely dry (I tend to wait for an hour or so) you just take your tweezers
and get it off carefully. First on the edges and then making your way to the center.

The finished product! Quite good for first attempt.
I also tried this method with a flower image:

This is my collection so far. Well, when I took these pictures. I have made maybe 4 new ones already
and I used two of them on my current nails (post soon!)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sunday drive

Hello everyone! The past two days have been really windy and rainy but at least last Sunday
it was good weather. I went to shopping center with Petra and it was the first time when I saw
Petra driving <: she did really good job :D

Shirt, H&M / Shorts, Stradivarius / Shoes, Andiamo / Bag, Aleksi 13

Don't worry.. we weren't on the road when we took this :D

Petra's cat, Eemeli, who scratches everything wooden..

I bought this sugar nail polish by IsaDora, which I am going to test today! The shade is 135 Cotton Candy.
I had also been craving for this IsaDora lipstick for some time now and I finally decided to get it.. I just
love the products of IsaDora :) This lipstick is a "perfect moisture lipstick" as it says on the product
and the shade is pink/purple in my opinion. It is called 125 Pink Heather. Well, it also describes the
color well :)

Sunday, 15 June 2014

My journey of eating & exercising

I was asked to make a post about my eating and exercising habits since I seem to exercise a lot and be in good shape (thank you <3). I thought that it would be a bit boring and also short post if I wrote just
about my habits nowadays, so that's why you can hear my journey which I wouldn't have told to anyone
a few years back. However, if you just want to hear how I exercise and eat now, scroll down!

 I remember making a similiar post on my previous blog but I don't mind making it again. 
I am just gonna tell a bit about my attitude (now and before) towards food and sweets and exercising. I
haven't made any list about the things I should write so this may be really messy!

food addict | via Facebook

So, for the first: I love food. I like to cook and especially eat the things I have made :3 I could eat all day.
Some of my friends ask if I eat anything, if I refuse taking a candy or so. If I refuse from something, it
doesn't mean I don't eat anything. It means either
1. I don't feel like it
2. I have self control

Let's go back to the beginning of my "food and exercise journey":
I started exercising when I was in 7th grade, so 13 years old. I exercised once or twice a week because
my mom asked me to go to classes with her. I started with aerobics and circuit training, which I  still do. 
Back then I didn't really care yet what I ate, until the summer after 7th grade. I tried not to eat
candy for one month (I have always loved candy and I could eat it every day). I don't even remember
why I did it.. I think I wanted to be thinner even though I was quite thin. The area above my stomach
was a bit swollen all the time though for some kind of reason: might be the snacking. I actually think
that was the reason I wanted to stop eating candy and lose weight..
I had a lot of pics of that summer but I have no good pics on this laptop and I accidentally deleted everything
from my last blog ):
I could find one pic of me, though and sisters of Joanna. This has been on my previous blog.

I had started to get pressure of looking good and being thinner. I was obsessed by it. In the
beginning of 8th grade, when I was 14, I was only thinking about food and how "fat" I am. I did have
a bit more fat in my body that time if you compare it to where I am now but I wasn't even close
to being fat. Around this time I was also bullied at school, even more than my friends which were
bullied, and I think it also made me a bit depressed. It was the time of dark eyeliner (not related, but still ;))
and the time when I ate nothing at school. If I ate something, it was just one little potate or a slice
of bread without butter or so. I remember cutting little pieces of potato into even smaller pieces
at school, because I had heard that in that way you get filled faster. Then I heard some girl
next to me saying "Is she anorectic..?" and I was actually proud of that. I was adoring really thin bodies
even though anorexia isn't good in any way.

please don't remove this image


^ that is what kind of body I was adoring in 8th grade: bones and skin. I got so much pressure
of that so I just tried to exercise a lot and eat little: it didn't really work that way. I didn't eat regularly
which made my sugar levels go too low and what happens then: I start to crave for sweets. I could
eat one chocolate bar (250g) a day and then feel guilty about it. I ate sweets secretly when my parents
were out. After these kind of days I tried to eat really healthy and little and was proud of myself.
I think I was close to BED (Binge eating disorder) which is kind of like bulimia without puking. You just
eat even though you are full and feel really guilty afterwards.
When I was 14, I would have never written these things on my blog. I am not like that anymore
so I am ready to tell about it.

In 9th grade (15 years old) I was still obsessed by eating and exercising but it wasn't as bad anymore.
I wasn't bullied anymore and I didn't binge that much anymore. It was getting better but I still wanted
to lose a few kilos. I tried to eat healthy and exercise but since I was still eating a lot of sweets, it didn't
really help. I was still really insecure and was looking at my body all the time when I could. I was
comparing it to models (pics that are photoshopped) and pretty much to everyone who I thought looked better than me.

When I went to senior high school, I started to think less about food. Exercise was still really
important to me and I wanted to make my body look better. I didn't want to lose weight per se but 
I wanted to look more toned. I did still eat a lot of sweets but it wasn't as much an obsession. I tried
many times not to eat sweets etc. for x time but I always failed. 
At the age of 16 I started walking outside as an exercise but I didn't like to do it a lot.. I didn't want people
 see me exercising for some kind of reason.

Now it is 2 years from that. I still love sweets and if I eat them, I still crave them the next time. The
difference now is that I have self control and I am a lot more confident, I can thank Ted for that.
He is the one who has been supporting me all these times and the only one who made me feel even
a bit better when I was feeling so insecure. 
Nowadays I exercise not to lose weight or anything, but to make myself stronger and see progress. 
I also want to keep my body in the way it is now: of course there are always some things you want to
improve but I am not gonna stress about it. I enjoy exercising now and it isn't something that I have to do
all the time. 
I eat regularly and I don't snack as much. I am trying to eat sweets once or twice a week, only on
weekends. I have succeeded in that for some time now and I don't mind eating one cookie with
coffee. I am not as "mean" to myself anymore and I have realized that I don't need to look like a model.
Everyone can be a model with photoshop ;) Now I am also really excited about running and I just
love to see the progress!

Run away

What I am trying to say:
I am feeling a lot better now, I feel good in my body and I feel good about my life.
I enjoy eating sweets but I also know that I don't feel good if I eat them too much, so I have the
self control. I enjoy exercising because of the feeling I get after it. I exercise about 3-5 times a week,
depending how I feel. I am not making myself do it.
I just feel a lot more confident and happy <3 I haven't been better for about 5 years. Finally
I am getting over those times and I am ready to be happy being me.

My love for this though

Summer ^_−☆

Saturday, 14 June 2014

My week

Good evening! I haven't been posting anything the entire week again so I'm just going to put
all the pictures on this post again. Tomorrow I will probably make a post because I am gonna go
riding around with Petra.. for the first time. I hope she won't crash into another car and get me killed :)


I was working (like every business day) and after work I went shopping with my parents.
I tried on a bit darker eye makeup than I usually do and also braided a "hair band" :)


So, I got these awesome and cute running shoes on sale! They are Nike Free 5.0+ and they
feel so soft :3 the sizes are small, though! Normally I wear either size 36 or 37 but I had to get these in 38.


I did nothing else on these days except worked and was on my laptop.. Well, on Thursday I was
hanging out with Anna, Joanna and her bf but I don't have any pics of that. We were just hanging
around at my place and later went to a burger place for a bit.

Watermelon and coconut ice cream in.. coconut! :D

The 5th season of Pretty Little Liars started <3 I am sooo excited! The best series ever :3 Now I just
need to wait till Tuesday every week..

Random beach pic at work. We have so relaxing time there sometimes xD We just sit and
look around for a bit if we aren't in a hurry (which we never are ;))

Nails that I did on Thursday. I am going to make a little post of them soon (:


The last Friday when I had to work <3 I went to the store with my dad to get some candy
because they were on sale.. 1 kilo for me, please :3 haha.

I was quite tired yesterday so I just ate candy (and chips) on my bed and was on my laptop B) 
Such a cool and busy life that I have, haha.


Finally a well rested night behind (well, I told Ted to wake me up earlier but he didn't because he wanted
me to be well rested.. how cute is that :'3)
Me and my grandma went eating to Turku today and I had a reason to put on makeup again and
wear nice clothes, yaay!

Sorry about the bad phone quality :[

Shirt, H&M / Jeans, Dr Denim
I was also wearing black gold feather earrings but I put them on after taking the pics, haha.

We took the same dish as before and it just stays sooo yummy <3

My grandma told the waitress that the food was a bit cold and then she brought us dessert.. so sweet xD
My grandma felt bad about it, though, because she didn't mean to be mean, haha. 

I have no idea what this dessert is but it tasted amazing and creamy!

We went shopping for a bit and I bought a smoothie which contained strawberries, banana, passion
fruit, pineapple, apple juice etc. it tasted really good :)

I came home around 4 and drank some coffee. At 6 I went running because I felt like I had been
eating so much today and yesterday :D Now I am shower fresh, gonna eat some watermelon soon
and watch 'Brave' with my boyfriend soon :) Just 4 weeks and he is here, yaaay <3