Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nail art techique: Advanced stamping

I was just browsing some nail art online and I came by 'advanced stamping'. Of course I had to
know what it means and now I am all crazy about it. Basically you can make a stamp into a "sticker" and
color it! I have taken some pics when I did it for the first time with a pineapple stamp.

You need:
1. stamping kit (image plate, stamp, scraper and a special nail polish), I use Konad
2. Detail brush (or tooth pick, dotting tool... they may just be a bit harder to work with)
3. Nail polishes that you want to use to color the image
4. Top coat
5. Tweezers! You can also use fingers but you need to be really careful then.

You stamp the image that you want to make a sticker of and let it dry. Remember, if you want to color it, 
it needs to have some space between the edges. 

Just fill in the area with a detail brush

Add topcoat. I used this one first but I changed it into another one which I think works better. 
You just need to experience with the topcoats a bit..

I add 2 layers of topcoat. The stamp on the left has a bit too much of it as you can see, so just
add quite thin layers (they do break easily, though)

When the topcoat is completely dry (I tend to wait for an hour or so) you just take your tweezers
and get it off carefully. First on the edges and then making your way to the center.

The finished product! Quite good for first attempt.
I also tried this method with a flower image:

This is my collection so far. Well, when I took these pictures. I have made maybe 4 new ones already
and I used two of them on my current nails (post soon!)

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