Sunday, 22 June 2014

Nails: Sugar & Flowers

The weather hasn't been summery at all for weeks now but I wanted to make summer nails in the hope
of it making the weather better.
Here I had my first attempt at sugar nail polish and advanced stamping!

My nails with OPI Nail Envy. 
I actually filed my nails a bit rounder after a few days of taking this picture. I hope they won't break as
easily now.

IsaDora Sugar nails, shade 135 Cotton candy
OPI Alpine Snow

So this is what happened first when I tried to clean around the edges of my nail. It became really
messy so I had to make a new decal.

The second one came out quite well

This one is with the new decal and top coat. The surface of the ring finger nail looks a bit bumpy but
I didn't want to start making it all over again xD
I also added some little butterflies on my index finger nail with Konad stamping stuff. My mom bought
a new stamper which is smaller so I had to try it :)

This hand looks really nice in my opinion :3

On Thursday I will leave for Spain so I am not sure if the next nail post will be published when I am there!

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