Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Long time no see

So, a month has passed already since I last touched my blog. I could blame my job: I wake up before
5 am five times a week and after a work day full of cleaning I am exhaaaausted. In reality my reason
for not blogging for a while is lack of motivation. My days are also mostly working and hanging at
home so there is little to write about.

This is the 6th, my last week at work this summer. My parents are also abroad at the moment and I have
been home alone for almost 2 weeks now. I like it but I got to admit it isn't that nice to work and take
care of house and food all on my own, haha. I am just not used to it. Now it is getting a bit easier, though
and at least my days are full of chores. 

 On Saturday (11th of July) I will go to the Netherlands, yaaay! I booked my flight in the beginning of
June :) I will land to Düsseldorf, we will have a nice dinner there and then drive to the Netherlands!
I am so excited already and can't wait to spend the next 3 weeks there AND in London! Yes, we will
visit London! It is a one-day trip but I am so excited to go there with my boyfriend. It is like a mini
vacation with him :) We will go there 25th of July!

Does someone wonder if I got a study place for next fall? Well, I did!! I was so nervous but I passed
the exam and got total 81/100 points (entrance examination+school success). So, I will start at
University of Applied Sciences to begin the studies of nursing! I will also go to driving school once
I am back from the Netherlands :)

So, my life is smiling right now: I have/had a job (money!), my vacation starts in 3 days, I got to
be home alone for 2 weeks, I will go to the Netherlands and London, I will start driving school
and I got the study place I wanted! ♥☺ I just wanted to share my happiness and news with you!