Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Nails: Bloody brick wall

Finally it is the time to share my Halloween nails with you, guys! I was already searching for
Halloween nails in the beginning of this month but I didn't do any Halloween nails before today..
I have so much stuff that I want to try out :)

Anyway, here are my Halloween nails 2014! Not something that I see everyone doing (zombies,
(sugar) skulls, pumpkins..)

As a base coat: Kiko 3 in 1 mat

2 layers of Mavala, 66 Liverpool

Some holes to the wall with Wet 'n Wild, Black Crème

"The base" for the brick wall with Essene colour&go, 35 Movie star

Some cracks on the wall with the same Essence polish and with the black polish of Wet 'n wild.

A text on the thumb and the base for the eye with OPI Alpine Snow

Some blood on all of my nails with Gosh, 587 Hot Coral and white spots with OPI Alpine Snow

(Notice the veins on the eye =3)

The result after one layer of Kiko mat top coat:

Left hand...

... and right hand! (I almost never show it so I thought you would appreciate it)

Nothing related to the topic, but I am so excited about tomorrow: I am gonna meet Petra in
Turku! I haven't seen her since we were on the ship because she had an internship quite far away.
Now she is back and we are gonna catch up and go to the movies to watch Dracula Untold. Exciteeed! :)

Monday, 27 October 2014

Walk in sunset

This picture is so beautiful ♥

I had a long walk last week (1,5 hours) and I wanted to share these pictures with you.
I think that the most beautiful time of the day to walk is during the sunset =3

I am doing my Halloween nails at the moment and soon I am gonna get sweaty with zumba!
Monday is soon over, yay!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

OPI Sheer tints - pt. 1

OPI Sheer tints -collection contains 4 transparent tints: yellow, pink, purple and blue.
Usually I don't get excited about transparent nail polishes but these ones catched my eye. They are
super easy to build on and they also dry fast. I have seen so many tutorials with these polishes
that I am also gonna share some with you!

Basically with this watercolor look you just apply different tints on your nail: easy! The order
doesn't matter, nor does if you mix the colors. I really like it that yellow on blue transfers the color
into green. The yellow tint doesn't have as much of an effect on other tints.

 I painted all my nails differently and didn't even plan how I would do it. I think they look good when they
are different!

Don't apply too many layers though without letting the polish dry: it won't dry fast forever! Also,
I applied couple of layers on some tints but not blue. The blue tint is really dark compared to the
other tints in this set so you don't want it to become even more darker by applying another layer
of blue on it: yellow is good, though!

When you are happy with your nails, apply a layer of top coat to even it out and to make it seem smoother.

I added a yellow rhinestone on all of my nails, which is of course just extra for this look!
I find a base/top coat better than a nail glue when attaching rhinestones. I have no idea why but
they always seem to stay on longer like that (may also be that I've had bad glue)

Anyway, here is the result!

I looove this look <3 It looks so "cheerful" and cool!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Favorite makeup products

On this post I am gonna show you my favorite makeup products recently. When I dyed my hair
blonde I also wanted to try other products than before and see how it looks like. I don't really
have "every day makeup": I just wear what I feel like in the morning. These products on this post
have been my top things for a while now and most of them are basic things which I use every day.

Essence into the wild bronzing powder
01 Tribe called wild

This bronzing palette contains a pinkish highlighter and a light- and dark brown powder. I am mostly
using the darkest shade of this palette. These colors do have shimmer but I am still using the dark bronzing
powder under my cheekbones. The shimmer isn't really visible so I don't really care (of course
it would be nice to have a mat one). I have also used the dark shade on my crease. It is good for
a everyday look and you can use the same product for eyes and face :)

IsaDora Eye Focus
33 Champagne

This eye shadow has become a part of my everyday look (if you can say so since I change my look
a bit depending on the day). I read online that champagne eye shadow looks good with blonde hair and
I asked my mom if she has an eye shadow in champagne: of course she did, so now this baby is mine <3

This champagne shade is mostly glitter and it is silver-ish. 

Gosh intense eye liner pen, 01 Black
Lumene Eyebrow Pencil, 2 Grey Brown

This Gosh eye liner pen is quite new but I forgot to show it in my last post. I like that it is so
soft, thin and flexible: really easy to work with. I used a gel eyeliner before but it always smudged
on my crease (probably because I have heavy eyelids).

Before this eyebrow pencil I used a eyebrow powder kit. I could still use it: the result of it is softer
but I think using a pen is a bit faster and I like that! I also thought that this pen could make my eyebrows
seem lighter but it doesn't.. I guess I can't have lighter eyebrows except if I bleach them.

Maybelline Baby Lips, Pink punch
Rimmel Vinyl Max lip gloss,701 Outrageous

Just like many others, I am obsessed by Baby lips! It gives your lips color and at the same time
makes them really soft. I love pink lips so of course I picked a pink shade :)

Rimmel lip gloss isn't anything super amazing if you look at how long it stays on your lips:
at least for me it doesn't stay for that long but for that matter, I have never had a lip gloss which
wouldn't fade fast. I still love the color of this one!

Volume million lashes mascara

I don't really know what to say about this mascara: I just like it! It makes my lashes long and
stays on the whole day.

So, these things have been my favorite products for some time, some for longer and some
shorter. When I am changing my products at some point, I can make a new favorites -post.

Friday, 24 October 2014

New purchases

I've bought some new stuff while I was having a break. Some of these things are purchased
a month ago or so and some this week!

Lumene matifying and retexturizing  primer - I had a primer of L'oréal before this one (I actually
still have a tiny bit of it left) and it was my first primer. I wanted to try something a bit cheaper
and this one has turned out to be good for me who has a combination skin.

Gosh BB Skin perfecting kit - I wanted a concealer so I bought this one
but a couple of days later I realized that I have one similiar already.. oh well. I am still using it

Volume million lashes, extra-black - I bought this on sale, I think it is quite expensive normally
(about 20€). I am using the same one at the moment but normal (not extra-black) and I am so
happy with it I want to continue with the same mascara!

So, that are my new makeup products! Next: hair
This week Sokos had all kind of hair salon products in their store and I found 2 things.

KC Professional - color mask in Vanilla - "color refreshing and reconstructing treatment for
light hair". This is the mask I used and it did amazing! It made my new light hair a lot more even
(before the mask it was almost white on top and yellow for the rest). This mask made my hair also
super soft! It neutralizes yellow tones and should give a cool beige tone for your hair.  I can't
describe how happy I am with this! You are supposed to leave it on your hair for 5-10 minutes
but I had it for 15 minutes. Next time I am gonna keep it for 20 minutes probably :)

System professional repair shampoo - We had a hair mask for this already so I wanted to complete
it with a shampoo. My mom says these are really good products! I am gonna test tomorrow.

CocoVi cold pressed coconut oil - I've watched so many youtube videos about coconut oil
and heard how awesome it is. I checked last week if they have it in Turku but they were out of
stock. I checked again this week and they have got more of it! I went to get this yesterday and
it was the last one: lucky me :) I am gonna apply this on my hair tomorrow probably for the
whole day since I am staying home and washing it off in the evening.

OPI mini sheer tints - These little babies I ordered from eBay. They are small but I think normal
OPI polishes are unnecessarily big anyway. I am gonna make some posts about these soon.

Last: new jeans (actually jeggings, but I like to call them jeans because the look like them, haha)
These white jeggings are of Dr. Denim which I loovee! I have never had such comfortable
and good-looking "jeans". They are Kissy jeggings which are low waist and second skin. My dark
blue jeggings are also Kissy and they are so awesome <3 The only bad thing is that they aren't
as durable as normal jeans and you shouldn't wash them that often. Well, that doesn't really
matter if I can keep white clean!

Oh yeah, this was also my OOTD:
Jeggings, Dr. Denim / Denim shirt, H&M

Really  simple but I like it!

So, those are my new purchases lately! I am planning on making a little post of my favorite
products at the moment and also some posts about OPI sheer tints. If you have any post ideas,
feel free to tell!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Outfit 22/10

So, I decided to go outside to the cold just to take some outfit pictures (and hair, hihi)
and I couldn't get that many pics before I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. I did get some
 pictures fortunately so that means I didn't go there for nothing!

I promised to show some pictures of this shirt already a month ago when I got it but I haven't
really been into posting things once again. 

The wind was awful at times, so my shirt just didn't stay still :<

Shirt, Cubus / Jeans, Zara / Shoes, DinSko

I love the color of this blouse.. It is just perfect for autumn!

I used toner on my hair yesterday and it did wonders! My hair is more golden than yellow now
and the color is more even, so happy! :)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

New hair

So, I dyed my hair twice last week (well, bleached and dyed) and now it is finally blonde!
It still has some yellowness, but people say it looks more like gold than yellow :) I am gonna go
buy a toner for my hair today and hopefully my hair can rest for long after it!

I am really happy about the result. It is gonna take some time to get used to this color, though :)
I thought my hair would be in really bad condition after the bleach & dye but it is actually fine!
I am gonna use oils and hair masks to make the condition better. I am planning on purchasing
a coconut oil when they have it in the store again! In the mean time I am gonna use other oils,
such as olive oil once a week.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Fall colors & hair change

Heyy! I had a little walk this morning since we have a little fall vacation.
On Wednesday I went to bar with Senni and Hanna. We had a "final year student" -party
and it was fun :)

Surpriseeee, I am going back to blonde!
Emilia bleached my hair yesterday. I had a lot of olive oil in my hair the whole day to protect
my hair from drying too much but the result is quite good! Tomorrow we are gonna dye it with
a blonde dye and I am gonna add some silver shampoo. My hair is still orange/yellow, which
is understandable when going from brown to blonde.

I am gonna let you see "the final product" (as Ted says) on Sunday!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Nail tutorial: Autumn Leaves

Polishes used:

Trind nail repair
OPI, Alpine Snow
Essence colour&go, 145 Flashy Pumpkin
Gosh, 590 Yellow Doll
Gosh, 587 Hot Coral
Mavala, 128 Acid Yellow
Essence nail art special effect! topper, 09 Copper'ize Me!
Essence sun club nail polish, 04 BBC Orange Sunset
OPI, Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!
L'oréal, 404 Scarlet Vamp
OPI Top Coat

Some things you can't see on the vid:
After making the base with orange, red and yellow I add one layer of OPI Top Coat (you can see
on the video that I am adding something but I am not showing the bottle)
After adding dark red on the leaves (L'oréal, 404 Scarlet Vamp) I still add a bit of Mavala, 128
Acid Yellow to make the leave stand out.

Sorry for the low quality: the editing was impossible with good quality ): If you have any
suggestions for good and free video editing programs, please tell!