Saturday, 29 November 2014

Last days

Good evening! I've got some pictures again and I thought about telling you a bit about my week :)
It hasn't been anything special but a nice one :>

I went to a book store this week because I wanted to get a book for the flight (19 days!). I saw
a Finnish translation of this book and I was like "what is this for a book" and found out it was this
one.. Looking for Alaska (literal Finnish translation, "All the last words". Really?!). 
As some of you know, I've kind of been into reading for roughly half a year now. It had been
many years that I hadn't read anything (except for school).

I got Looking for Alaska by John Green and I am excited to read it :) it is a young-adult fiction
book and I love them! If I understood the back cover, it should be about adventure and love!

Sneak peek to my new jacket <3 

Making some crêpes.. this was the first one that came out decent, haha. The first one I made
was awful! It didn't even look like a crêpe.

Step aerobics on Thursday evening!

Outfit of Friday!

Shirt, H&M / Skirt, Vero Moda

And my current nails! I took off my gel (at least for a week or so) because my nails are really
dry at the moment because of it. I wouldn't want to use gel but I am afraid that my nails will
break without it. Maybe they will break next week already. Let's hope for the best!
And btw, all you need for this look is a toothpick :) easy!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Easy camouflage nails

I am gonna show you my latest nails with camouflage print. It was really easy to do these and all 
you need in addition to nail polishes is a dotting tool (or toothpick!)

I found this camera mode on my phone so that I can take square pictures.. I don't know if I had it on
my old phone but I got all excited by it, haha. It seems so handy for nail pics!

Okay, let's start! I used OPI Top Coat on my UV gel and also as a top coat at the end.

Two layers of OPI Samoan Sand

Now going on to the print and the dotting tool part!
The shape and position of the camouflage print doesn't really matter.. I just painted some random
shapes after the first nail. I was looking at a picture as a guide first.

So, just start to layer up the colors!

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window

Yves Saint Laurent, 31 khaki arty

Okay, my mom said this color would be dark green. True, under a certain light. Here it looks more
blue. It still looks quite nice, though!

Yves Rocher, 61 Vert Canard

The nail polish on my index finger got a bit smudged, I was in a hurry and I guess I pressed
the brush down too much, haha. It isn't as striking if you don't look at it closely ;>

Monday, 24 November 2014

Dying my hair blonde at home

As most of you probably know and have noticed, I have gone from brown to blonde. I mentioned
that my hair is still a bit yellow, so I bought a hair dye yesterday!

I took some time to decide the shade but I went for lightest nautral blonde of L'oréal
excellence creme.

It is a bit hard to show you before and after pics because in most of the pics my hair looked really
light already. It looks completely different depending on the light. Nevertheless, it was still brassy 
and I wanted it to look more natural. So, here is the result (which I like!) :

Notice my snapped hair.. My hair is quite damaged due to all straightening and
dying when I was in high school. I don't straighten my hair anymore and now I am also done with dying
probably, so it is time to take care of it.

The color seems more even now and less yellow. Below I have a pic taken in a yellow light
but the angle is different in the pics so it is a bit hard to compare. My hair does seem different
at any rate.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Makeup of the day 23/11

Good morning! Some makeup pictures again after a long time! 
I haven't been wearing makeup for three days (that is long for me, at least) and I was so excited to
do my makeup this morning :D 

Here are the products used:

(If you want to know some product specially, just ask!)

I decided to go with a subtle purple eye makeup with brown and nude lips. It looks quite natural
but the purple adds something to the look!

Today I am gonna study again and go to the mall later with my parents.. I don't think I will get
anything but a hair dye if I find a nice one. My hair is still a bit yellow but I don't know which
color I should get.. I don't want platinum blond but a bit of a beige shade. I am afraid that my hair
will turn even more yellow with beige.. hmm, hard choices :D

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Lazy weekend

Good evening! I don't actually know what I want to write on this post but I just had a few pics
that I thought I could share with you. So, this is just a random post without a subject, haha.

I've had a relaxing Saturday, kind of. I've been studying quite a lot but I've also
played a cool game on my laptop. I sometimes love weekends when I am just home and do my
own thing.

Coffee and croissant <3

It was snowing a lot yesterday and the snow will probably stay on the ground for a few days..
I don't really like snow and cold but I am always so happy when I can walk on snow with my UGGs
for the first time :D

Some snacks for Saturday night.. not actually sure what this contains since my mom bought it
(actually for herself but then she just gave it to me?)

Also, I am so excited about going to the Netherlands! It is just 26 days away (that is less than
4 weeks!!)

About the game that I've been playing, Ted recommended it to me and I think it looks sooo beautiful,
It is called BioShock Infinite. I don't think many of you are interested in games, at least, not any
of my friends are, but I thought I could share a few pictures of it with you too. You can still find
pictures nice even if you don't like gaming :)

I just love how this looks.. Some of the scenes are so beautiful!

Kind of  a messy post but oh well! I just wanted to share a few pics =3
I hope you all have a nice weekend!

Friday, 21 November 2014

OPI Sheer tints - pt. 2

Good Friday evening! I have "enjoyed" this day home, writing an essay and studying psychology.
I have my new phone in use now so I've also been playing around with it a lot :) The photos on this
post are actually taken on my new phone and I think I will use it a lot for my blog since I hate to carry
my camera around. I couldn't really take pictures with my old phone for some months because 
it wasn't working properly :< But here I am with a new phone!

Anyways, let's continue to the real topic of the post: nails, yaaay! I wrote OPI Sheer tints part 1
a month ago or so and thought that it could be a good time to give you another example of these polishes.

I wanted something wintery since it is snowing outside and here is what I came up to!

So, I still have UV gel on my nails (and I have finally become better at making them!) and
I added OPI Top coat on it to protect it. After that I added one coat of OPI Alpine Snow.

I used two shades of OPI Sheer tints: blue and purple.
I must say that this isn't my most successful gradient ever and that's also why I have some
criticism for these polishes.

First of all, I don't know if it is about the size of these bottles (don't know why it would be), or if
I am just bad or if these polishes just are like that, but I don't think they spread out even. I think you
can also see it on my nails. The nail polish becomes quite thick when you have dipped your brush
there a few times. It might be the texture of this polish.

This is where I started creating the gradient. I added purple 2/3 of my nail and it didn't look good

I still added it to 1/3 of my nail and I was hoping that I can somehow fix this mess xD they don't
look good at all here! I got an idea, though. I added one more blue layer on my whole nail to even
it out and I think it did wonders!

See? Not as bad anymore. I had hope that my diamond top coat will make it all good..

And it did! I think that the gradient looks quite good there: never forget the top coat! As I mentioned,
I wanted wintery nails and I thought this was perfect for it since I didn't want to do anything
complicated. This polish is a diamond top coat of Lumene and its shade is 45 Diamond in the snow

So, in the end everything turned out well and I don't think I will get bored of these before next weekend!
(I have stopped ripping off my nail polish after I added UV gel and I have worn the same nail
polish for one week now, maybe 3-4 times. I am quite proud of myself! :D)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Over knee socks

I promised to show you my new purchases and here you can see three of four: over knee socks,
skirt and shirt! This outfit is more "daring" than what I usually wear so I was out of my comfort zone.
I do think it looks really cute, though! I think my shoes also make it look cuter than what it would look
with heels :)

Really love the color of the skirt <3

All my clothes are from H&M and shoes are from KappAhl

Notice matching nails

It is almost 6 pm and I am gonna go watch the Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 tonight
with Petra.. the movie starts at 20:30 :) 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Saturday evening

So delicious and sweet <3

Chocolate and sneak peek nails!

Good evening! Here you go, some random pics for you. It is so hard to get good pictures because
it is dark already at 4 pm.. 

At the moment I am drinking some coffee and then I am off to Emilia's! We are gonna have a sleepover
at her place :) I haven't seen her for such a long time!