Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Simple necklaces

I've been ordering quite some stuff on eBay (especially the last 3 days.. post about that later!)
and among those are 4 simple golden necklaces. They were really cheap and not real gold of course.
I think they look cute and at the moment I enjoy all kind of simple clothing and accessories. I wanted
to order a few necklaces and see how long they last :)

This ring necklace is my favorite. I think it looks cute, it is simple and the length of it is perfect!
The heart is a disappointment on the other hand. It doesn't stay straight and just falls forward all
the time because of the way the chain has been attached on the back side.

I like the plate necklace. It is a bit longer than what I thought but it doesn't matter too much.
I think the layered necklace is my second favorite of these! The length is perfect and it looks really
nice :)

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Flash Tattoo love

As many of you probably know, flash tattoos are The thing this summer. I have actually ordered one sheet for myself to try them and I think they look so summery! I have collected some pictures
of flash tattoos here (Weheartit and Pinterest)

Temporary Metallic Tattoos

Metallic tattoos - http://www.hengeloshop.com/brand/anouska-woods-london/

Gypsy Lovin Light


Los “Flash Tats” vienen en láminas temáticas y cada una viene con varios estilos diferentes. | Los "Flash Tats" serán tus nuevos accesorios favoritos

Child of Wild Flash Tattoos. Neeeed an excuse to wear these

Rouelle ELLEtatts Metallic Tattoos flash tattoos gold by Rouelle, $10.00

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Book Review: The Shining by Stephen King

”Scary!... Serves up horrors at a brisk, unflagging pace.” – The New York Times

“He’s the author who can always make the improbable so scary you’ll feel compelled to check the locks on the front door.” – Entertainment Weekly

The Shining tells about family of Torrance that gets to spend the whole winter at the Overlook Hotel up in the mountains in Colorado. Jack Torrance gets a job as the off-season caretaker at the hotel which seems like a perfect opportunity to start fresh and get closer with his wife ,Wendy, and son, Danny. It is also a perfect opportunity to continue his writing career. Five-year-old Danny has a special talent however, which makes him see the awful events that have occurred at the Overlook Hotel in the past. His talent is called shine. As the place becomes isolated during the winter, Danny’s shining wakes up the spirits of the hotel and no one of the Torrance family is save anymore.

“Then how did you know, doc?” Daddy asked.
“Tony showed me.”

“Great splashes of dried blood, flecked with tiny bits of grayish-white tissue, clotted the wallpaper.”
(I don’t think those things can hurt you)

This book tells a lot about the characters’ background and family ties which is nice so that you feel closer to the character and understand their motives.  As the story goes on, Jack starts to understand his alcoholic dad’s reason for beating his children and his wife. The book is told through many characters’ perspective so you get to see what is happening in different places at the same time and how the thoughts of the characters differ from each other. King has described the thoughts of five-year-old Danny really well. You can see that he is young and doesn't quite understand everything:

“Mommy’s face was pale, and there were horrible brownish bruises on her neck where Daddy had tried to… (… where Daddy had tried to hug her too tight.)”

The scenes and atmosphere of the Shining are keeping you alerted since queer and terrifying events can happen all of a sudden, no matter where you are inside or outside the hotel. Stephen King has succeeded in describing the events in a way that makes sleeping difficult:

“He fled the heavy, crashing, echoing sounds through twisting, mazelike corridors … each time he heard the roque mallet smash into the wall somewhere behind him he wanted to scream aloud … (then REDRUM)”

(Following occurs at topiary)
“You just trimmed the fucking rabbit, so what’s the … his breath stopped in his throat.   The rabbit was down on all fours, cropping grass … but not then minutes ago it had been up on its hind legs…”

“The humming sound again. Loud and steady, varying the slightest bit. Followed by a clank as the humming ceased. A rattling bang. A thump. Then the humming resumed.
It was the elevator.”

This book goes on quite slowly because it has a lot of describing and thoughts. If you don’t like to wait for the actual action till the end of the book, this book may not be perfect for you though it does have small creepy things happening once in a while which kept me entertained! It has quite a lot of things in brackets and I am not even sure what those things meant sometime. The book is a bit intertextual: I recognized some of the things in brackets from Alice in Wonderland. If you haven’t read a lot of books (or the ones they are referring to) you may not understand them.

I personally liked this horror book. It is quite long (paperback version 659 pages) and the big events happen at the end but Stephen King has described characters’ thoughts well and the scenes come alive in your mind once you read them. A couple of nights it was hard for me to fall asleep because the scenes were so terrifying and I couldn’t get them out of my head. That is exactly what I want a horror book to do. Also if some of you have seen the movie based on this book and are wondering if they should read the book or not, I highly recommend it. The book is really different from the movie, for example it doesn’t have the maze so the ending is completely different.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Sunny days

Finally it is becoming quite warm here in Finland! I've been waiting for this kind of weather for so long.
I have been quite a lot with my friends this week and I have some pictures from Monday to
Thursday that I wanted to share :)

This was my Monday outfit when me, Emilia and Tim went to a little beach for animals with Emilia's dog :3
 The jacket became useless soon because it was really warm :)

Jeans, Dr. Denim / Shirt, H&M / Jacket, Stradivarius / Bag, Bershka / Shoes, Converse / Bracelet, H&M

Happy dog ♥ He didn't really want to swim, though.

Emilia had made smoothie popsicles and it tasted really nice! We were sitting in her backyard,
enjoying of the sun and talking. I enjoyed a bit too much because I burnt quite bad that day..

The next day I was sunbathing on my tummy because my face and chest were burnt (they still are
a bit). I could study at the same time and I finally finished the book for entrance exam! I still
have to read some stuff again though and I have more material to read still.

Ice cream ♥ ...

... and beautiful sunset!

Yesterday I started my morning with waffles, banana and blueberries, yummy!

Checking if I have tanned at all.. My foundation which was a bit too dark for me looks better
on my skin now so I guess that's something.. :D 

And here we go again! I was studying in the sun again and later Anna came to my place.
We went to the center to drugstore and library and I got a couple of books..

After hanging out with Anna I went to Emilia and helped her to decorate some cupcakes she
had made :3

And here are the books I got from library. Lucian and To Kill a Mockingbird!

Today I will probably sunbathe and I will maybe bike to a shopping center later in the afternoon :)

Monday, 18 May 2015

Back to Basics

When spring and summer arrive people usually buy colorful clothes. I often buy colorful clothes
but I just recently realised that I have no basic clothes and that's why I bought a lot of basic black
clothes today (+ white and grey) when I went shopping with my friend Anna.

Before showing you my new clothes I want to show you this adorable cup I bought from Tiger.
I think the size, text and simplicity  make it so cute! Perfect for my daily cup(s) of tea :)

Wohoo basic t-shirts! All the clothes in this post are from H&M btw!
The black and white t-shirt came together and they are organic cotton. 

Bike pants to wear under skirts and dresses. I love skirts and dresses but I am always afraid of wind
blowing it up so this is ideal! I also got basic black shorts. I was actually supposed to buy silk-looking
shorts to sleep with but they didn't have my size anymore so I got these to wear at day or night :)

Black basic shorts but faux leather! I wanted faux leather shorts already last summer but I couldn't
find a good one but now I got this! It was 50% on sale and last pair ♥ They are quite high and
I don't thing high waisted pants look good on me so I will probably wear a shirt on it :) I might
try it with my crop top though... ;)

I ordered some cheap necklaces from eBay a couple of weeks ago and got the first one today!
I wanted basic and simple necklaces (I don't know why I want everything basic atm) and I like
this a lot!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Room details

I changed the order of the furniture in my room a couple of days ago and I have also cleaned up
most of the cabinets and thrown some stuff away. I wanted to make my room look a bit fresher 
since it has been pretty much the same for years!

I got a headset today :3 I guess it is my first one ever but I thought it would feel more comfortable
than earplugs. The color is also beautiful!

I love wooden decorations and this was on sale so I got it for my favorite jewelry. 

My books on the background :3♥

I put two candles on my night stand :) I think the colors look good together and my carpet
is also blue!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

DIY French Manicure

I don't know if I am the only one who things that French manicure is hard to do. I've tried striping
tape and special tapes for French manicure but they never work well and the special French manicure
tapes peel away the polish I have on the bottom.

Now I have finally found a good French manicure routine and I thought I would share it with you
guys! I don't know if this is a common way to achieve French manicure but I have seen just a couple
of videos where they have used this technique. Enjoy!

Here's what you need:

Nail polish remover, a bottle cap (or something else where you can pour some polish remover),
white nail polish, base- and top coat, translucent nail polish and nail art brush

I had an old French manicure tip duo and I used the side with opaque white polish. My base coat
and translucent polish are from an old French manicure kit. I got it as a gift so I don't know where
it is from! And as you can see, my base coat is OPI.

I started with applying base coat on HALF of my nail. You can do your whole nail but it isn't necessary. You just need it under the tips!

I used my French manicure tip duo and added white nail polish. As you can see, it doesn't need to
be neat if you have nail polish remover and a brush!

Pour some nail polish remover into the bottle cap or something else that you have chosen.
I couldn't really get pictures of this part but you basically just start removing the white nail polish
until you have the tip you want. Horizontal strokes are the best and I also "pushed" the nail polish
when I was close to having the perfect tip. And also, this phase is best to do when your white nail
polish is still wet.

Here are my nails after making the tips. Some of the tips were still quite transparent so I added another
layer of white polish. If you can't get it perfectly inside the borders you can just clean it with your
brush again.

Here are my nails after the second layer. It doesn't need to be perfect because we are still adding nail
polish on it which smoothens out the surface!

I added the translucent nail polish. This is the reason it needs to be translucent with this tutorial:
you don't want it to cover the tips of your nails or to change their color. 

Now, if you want to stick with classical French manicure just add a layer of top coat and you are good to go! I wanted to add something still because I get bored of simple nails (and also not so simple)
even if they look gorgeous.

I used a detail brush and dotting tool to create the lines and dots.

OPI Black Onyx
IsaDora, 757 Scuba Blue
Easy Paris cosmetics, 035

I hope you liked these nails and hopefully this post helped someone struggling with French manicure! :)

Monday, 11 May 2015

April & May so far

I haven't been blogging again for some time but my life is still quite boring. I haven't even been
interested in doing my nails so I couldn't have written nail posts either. My days are mostly filled
with studying, exercising and laptop. In the end of this month I will have graduation and 1st of June
entrance exams (if I can make it there). I will work the whole June and at least half of July and
then go to the Netherlands.. I am not sure when I have something interesting to tell you guys :P

Here are some pictures I have taken in April and beginning of May!

I went to watch Insurgent last month with Petra :) she had bday so we wanted to celebrate it!

Morning walk! This was also already some time ago. Finally it is warm enough without winter jacket ;)

I have strated reading the Shining! Nothing special has happened yet but it is still really exciting.

1st of May! We went for coffee at my grandparents' place and had some tasty food :)

Studying like crazy ;)

First summer nails this year!

Outfit of last Saturday! I went to the store to get some supplies for baking.

Sun was shining and it is finally getting green here in North ♥

Baking lemon whoopies for my mom!

These turned out so good! After being in a fridge overnight they tasted like muffins with lemon filling.

I went to Emilia's on Saturday to spend the evening. Here you can see one of my new things from
Estonia: white bag :) 

So much food! We watched a couple of movies. First Boxtrolls because Emilia's little sister watched
it with us. She got some company from their British neighbors :3 After that we watched A Million Ways
to Die in West!

Drawing to learn better :>

My current nails! I just did these this morning. Maybe I will get into nail art again.