Friday, 22 May 2015

Sunny days

Finally it is becoming quite warm here in Finland! I've been waiting for this kind of weather for so long.
I have been quite a lot with my friends this week and I have some pictures from Monday to
Thursday that I wanted to share :)

This was my Monday outfit when me, Emilia and Tim went to a little beach for animals with Emilia's dog :3
 The jacket became useless soon because it was really warm :)

Jeans, Dr. Denim / Shirt, H&M / Jacket, Stradivarius / Bag, Bershka / Shoes, Converse / Bracelet, H&M

Happy dog ♥ He didn't really want to swim, though.

Emilia had made smoothie popsicles and it tasted really nice! We were sitting in her backyard,
enjoying of the sun and talking. I enjoyed a bit too much because I burnt quite bad that day..

The next day I was sunbathing on my tummy because my face and chest were burnt (they still are
a bit). I could study at the same time and I finally finished the book for entrance exam! I still
have to read some stuff again though and I have more material to read still.

Ice cream ♥ ...

... and beautiful sunset!

Yesterday I started my morning with waffles, banana and blueberries, yummy!

Checking if I have tanned at all.. My foundation which was a bit too dark for me looks better
on my skin now so I guess that's something.. :D 

And here we go again! I was studying in the sun again and later Anna came to my place.
We went to the center to drugstore and library and I got a couple of books..

After hanging out with Anna I went to Emilia and helped her to decorate some cupcakes she
had made :3

And here are the books I got from library. Lucian and To Kill a Mockingbird!

Today I will probably sunbathe and I will maybe bike to a shopping center later in the afternoon :)

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