Monday, 11 May 2015

April & May so far

I haven't been blogging again for some time but my life is still quite boring. I haven't even been
interested in doing my nails so I couldn't have written nail posts either. My days are mostly filled
with studying, exercising and laptop. In the end of this month I will have graduation and 1st of June
entrance exams (if I can make it there). I will work the whole June and at least half of July and
then go to the Netherlands.. I am not sure when I have something interesting to tell you guys :P

Here are some pictures I have taken in April and beginning of May!

I went to watch Insurgent last month with Petra :) she had bday so we wanted to celebrate it!

Morning walk! This was also already some time ago. Finally it is warm enough without winter jacket ;)

I have strated reading the Shining! Nothing special has happened yet but it is still really exciting.

1st of May! We went for coffee at my grandparents' place and had some tasty food :)

Studying like crazy ;)

First summer nails this year!

Outfit of last Saturday! I went to the store to get some supplies for baking.

Sun was shining and it is finally getting green here in North ♥

Baking lemon whoopies for my mom!

These turned out so good! After being in a fridge overnight they tasted like muffins with lemon filling.

I went to Emilia's on Saturday to spend the evening. Here you can see one of my new things from
Estonia: white bag :) 

So much food! We watched a couple of movies. First Boxtrolls because Emilia's little sister watched
it with us. She got some company from their British neighbors :3 After that we watched A Million Ways
to Die in West!

Drawing to learn better :>

My current nails! I just did these this morning. Maybe I will get into nail art again.


  1. WHATCHA studyin?? :) uliuliopistoonko matka vie? et nää ohjetta herkullisen näköisiin leivoksiin tahtoisi jakaa? :O

    1. Hain Turun amk:hon sairaanhoitajaks :) Niihin pääsykokeisiin luen! <-- Käytin tota reseptiä! En ite käyttäny sitruunankuorta ja laitoin sitruuna maitorahkaa. Kaupas ei myöskää ollu sitruuna tuorejuustoo ni käytin vaan normaalii ja lisäsin siihen sitruuna aromii :)