Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Simple necklaces

I've been ordering quite some stuff on eBay (especially the last 3 days.. post about that later!)
and among those are 4 simple golden necklaces. They were really cheap and not real gold of course.
I think they look cute and at the moment I enjoy all kind of simple clothing and accessories. I wanted
to order a few necklaces and see how long they last :)

This ring necklace is my favorite. I think it looks cute, it is simple and the length of it is perfect!
The heart is a disappointment on the other hand. It doesn't stay straight and just falls forward all
the time because of the way the chain has been attached on the back side.

I like the plate necklace. It is a bit longer than what I thought but it doesn't matter too much.
I think the layered necklace is my second favorite of these! The length is perfect and it looks really
nice :)

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