Monday, 1 June 2015


Hello! Now it is June and I've graduated and I have had my entrance exams :) Tomorrow I will
start working at 6 am.. early mornings :( 

On my graduation day we had a ceremony at school and after that we were celebrating with my
family and friends at home. Later that night me and some of my friends went to restaurant where
was a gig :)

Right after the ceremony. I had a photoshoot after it (and after that I noticed I had mascara
under my other eye.....)

Me with some of my friends :)

With my best friend, Petra ♥

This photo is taken in the evening at the restaurant.. We thought the band would start playing around
10 but they started a bit before 1 am ): In the end we stayed there till 4 and Anna also came there
for a bit (most of the time it was just me, Petra, Emilia and Tim)

Anna's snapchat :D 

In the end I came home around 4 am and we went straight to bed.. the next day I was mostly
just studying and today, on Monday, I had my first entrance exams ever. I applied to university of
applied sciences as a nurse... On 3rd of July I will get an email and see if I got in! Let's hope for the best :)

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