Wednesday, 31 December 2014


We went shopping to Eindhoven last Sunday and what a beautiful city it is :) I like the
old style buildings and the Netherlands is full of them! 

We went to Happy Italy for a dinner. This everything cost about 17€! The staff was also really
friendly and the queue reached outside.

Happy new year! Gelukkig nieuw jaar! =3

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas nails - pt. 3

This is gonna be my last Christmas nails -post this time! For the last design I wanted
something sparkly and traditional so hey, why not make a glitter gradient and a mistletoe?
This time I also have a small tutorial of how to paint the mistletoe!

OPI, Samoan Sand (1 coat)

I used a makeup sponge to add the glitter!

Mavala, 212 Gold Diamond

Essence nail art twins glitter topper 2, 06 Edward

I love this square glitter!

OPI, Alpine Snow

p2 lost in glitter polish, 030 Start Wild!

1. Decide where you want the mistletoe and create a long line and 3 horizontal lines on it
2. Attach the lines to create the shape of a mistletoe
3. Make it thicker
4. Add glitter on the mistletoe (Essence colour&go, 38 Choose Me!) and a silver core on it (Wynie, 011) and some red berries (you can
also use red rhinestones). I used Gosh, 587 Hot Coral and added L'oréal, 404 Scarlet Vamp on it!

The last step is to add a layer of top coat! I used my favorite OPI Top Coat :)

And here's the result!

I hope you have liked my Christmas nails this year! :)

Christmas nails - pt. 2

Christmas ornaments

Nail polishes used:

Inglot, 972
Wet n wild, Sparkled
Essence special effect topper, 02 circus confetti
Easy paris, 035
Opi, Black Onyx

Monday, 15 December 2014

Ready for Christmas

Good afternoon :) I hope you all have had a good start for this week! 
I haven't posted anything for a wee so I want to share some pics of last week again. I haven't
done anything special on weekdays but I wrapped some gifts, packed my suitcase and went to
Emilia's place on Saturday :)

Christmas gift(s) and a card in Dutch :D I have tried to study some Dutch again before going there
in 3 days but I always give up :d

Christmas lights look so beautiful behind snow :)

We made pizza with Emilia (tuna, chicken, tomato and mozzarella on my slice) and drank some drinks while watching the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars and a movie.

Healthy breakfast!

Today my grandparents are gonna visit us and I will get my Christmas gift at the same time.
I have quite some stuff to do still before Thursday but I have a lot of time! Tomorrow I am gonna
go shopping with my parents and Wednesday I am gonna finish packing my suitcase. I will see
if I am still gonna make posts before leaving! Probably a couple of nail posts.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunday face

Good day! I have had a relaxing weekend. I've been playing BioShock and Tomb Raider (<3)
a lot and I have also studied psychology. Today I am going to Turku with Emilia, yayy! I haven't
been hanging out with her for some time.

I used my new purple eye shadow palette of Dermosil which my mom ordered for me ( I didn't even
know before she did xD). I like it that it has subtle shades that I can use on my daily makeup :)
Here you can also somehow see my new headband which was requested! It is a bit hard to take a 
picture of it myself.

My hair feels so silky <3 I used coconut oil on it yesterday. I applied it everywhere on my hair
a couple of hours before washing it off.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

New books to read

I went to Turku last Monday to get my mom a couple of pieces to her nomination bracelet
and I also had a good opportunity to visit the library. It was big and I had no idea where anything was!
Fortunately I got helped and got two of the three books that I wanted.

Isn't that one beautiful and old library? <3

I got interested in Stephen King's book lately. I heard that the revolver man -series helps you to
understand his books better, so I am just gonna see if I like the series. I also got his book called
11.22.63 which is about time travelling to the 50s! So cool =3 I am still in the beginning of it
and I will probably take it slowly. After all, I am reading it in English and it has about 800 pages.

I recently finished two books called the Raven's gate and Vampirates. I could make reviews sometimes
of the books I have read if anyone of my readers is interested. Let me know!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas nails - pt. 1

Here comes the Christmas nails! I have so many designs that I want to do that I probably won't
be able to do them all this year D: especially if I wear the same design for one week.. then I am only
able to do 3 different designs.

The first design has classical Christmas colors, red and gold. To have something extra, I made
a few snowflakes!

(Oh yeah, I was 4 days without gel and my nail started to break.. decided to do UV nails again
on Wednesday. That seems to be the only way to keep my nails from breaking)

So, I have UV gel on my nails and OPI Top coat on it.
This red polish is L'oréal, 404 Scarlet Vamp

I always use the same polishes so I decided to take something I haven't worn. I have so many
gold glitter polishes and this one is gorgeous! I have bought this from Spain years ago with probably
one euro or so. The brand is called Yssy and this shade is number 52.

Snowflakes! I used OPI Alpine snow, detail brush and a dotting tool.
As a top coat I have OPI Top coat, as always!

Here is the right hand for comparison! (sorry for a slightly blurry picture)

Have you done any Christmas/winter nails? I am always excited to see pictures of nails!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

New jacket

Good evening, it is finally December, I am so excited! Exactly in 2 weeks, at this time, I am
landing to the Netherlands. I know I am mentioning this all the time but I am just so excited! I've
wanted to go there for a couple of years already and now it is so close..

Anyway, this post wasn't about that but my new jacket (and at the same time, outfit). People
who have followed me for a long time, probably know that I am crazy about leopard print. I saw
this gorgeous jacket in Gina Tricot a while ago but I was too greedy to buy it. When I went shopping
with my mom, we had a "discount card" full and I could get discount on something that I buy.
Of course, I wanted this jacket. It isn't normally expensive for a jacket (just €40) but I got it
for €25!

jacket, Gina Tricot / shirt, H&M / jeans, Dr Denim / Shoes, DinSko/Click Shoes (not sure) /
beanie, H&M (if I recall correctly :D)

A year ago I wouldn't have been brave enough to wear what I like.. but now I am and I love this
jacket! What do you think?

(Ps. I was asked to show you my new headband and I am gonna show it right away when I wear it. I haven't forgot it!)

You can be expecting a couple of posts next days.. I have nails to show and some other pics too
to share!