Thursday, 4 December 2014

New jacket

Good evening, it is finally December, I am so excited! Exactly in 2 weeks, at this time, I am
landing to the Netherlands. I know I am mentioning this all the time but I am just so excited! I've
wanted to go there for a couple of years already and now it is so close..

Anyway, this post wasn't about that but my new jacket (and at the same time, outfit). People
who have followed me for a long time, probably know that I am crazy about leopard print. I saw
this gorgeous jacket in Gina Tricot a while ago but I was too greedy to buy it. When I went shopping
with my mom, we had a "discount card" full and I could get discount on something that I buy.
Of course, I wanted this jacket. It isn't normally expensive for a jacket (just €40) but I got it
for €25!

jacket, Gina Tricot / shirt, H&M / jeans, Dr Denim / Shoes, DinSko/Click Shoes (not sure) /
beanie, H&M (if I recall correctly :D)

A year ago I wouldn't have been brave enough to wear what I like.. but now I am and I love this
jacket! What do you think?

(Ps. I was asked to show you my new headband and I am gonna show it right away when I wear it. I haven't forgot it!)

You can be expecting a couple of posts next days.. I have nails to show and some other pics too
to share!

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