Saturday, 6 December 2014

New books to read

I went to Turku last Monday to get my mom a couple of pieces to her nomination bracelet
and I also had a good opportunity to visit the library. It was big and I had no idea where anything was!
Fortunately I got helped and got two of the three books that I wanted.

Isn't that one beautiful and old library? <3

I got interested in Stephen King's book lately. I heard that the revolver man -series helps you to
understand his books better, so I am just gonna see if I like the series. I also got his book called
11.22.63 which is about time travelling to the 50s! So cool =3 I am still in the beginning of it
and I will probably take it slowly. After all, I am reading it in English and it has about 800 pages.

I recently finished two books called the Raven's gate and Vampirates. I could make reviews sometimes
of the books I have read if anyone of my readers is interested. Let me know!

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