Monday, 15 December 2014

Ready for Christmas

Good afternoon :) I hope you all have had a good start for this week! 
I haven't posted anything for a wee so I want to share some pics of last week again. I haven't
done anything special on weekdays but I wrapped some gifts, packed my suitcase and went to
Emilia's place on Saturday :)

Christmas gift(s) and a card in Dutch :D I have tried to study some Dutch again before going there
in 3 days but I always give up :d

Christmas lights look so beautiful behind snow :)

We made pizza with Emilia (tuna, chicken, tomato and mozzarella on my slice) and drank some drinks while watching the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars and a movie.

Healthy breakfast!

Today my grandparents are gonna visit us and I will get my Christmas gift at the same time.
I have quite some stuff to do still before Thursday but I have a lot of time! Tomorrow I am gonna
go shopping with my parents and Wednesday I am gonna finish packing my suitcase. I will see
if I am still gonna make posts before leaving! Probably a couple of nail posts.

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