Sunday, 28 September 2014

Cruise to Stockholm

I had such a wonderful time on the cruise with Petra, her cousin and girlfriend!
The evening didn't start so good, though. There was a new rule that you can't bring alcohol on the ship
so they took all my cans away. We were allowed to buy 6 cans of cider/beer on the ship so
at least we didn't need to buy really expensive drinks from the bar.

We were drinking a bit in the cabin and dancing the whole night till 3 am or so. It was mostly fun
and the music was good!

Sex on the beach -drinks, yummy! Petra's cousin recommended these so we had to buy them :3
They have vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice and it was delicious!

 The next morning, after sleeping for some hours, we had a breakfast buffet and later that day
we went for a lunch. I got potato salad with broccoli and salmon. It was really good but I couldn't
finish it all. There was so much food and I wasn't that hungry.

 The second day on the ship was a bit more boring as always, but we got some stuff to do.
We were sitting in the lounge with Petra, went shopping a few times and went to watch Bingo
which her cousin & gf participated. 

I bought Ted Baker bag on the ship. It looks sooo cute! I love the golden zipper, the cute bow
and the material of the bag.

I also got another Victoria's Secret fragrance mist (and one for my mom), called Amber Romance!
They all smell so good so it was a hard decision to make!

Now my fun weekend is coming to an end I need to study for my psychology exam. It kind of
feels empty to be home after such a fun weekend! I don't have school before Wednesday
so I have good time to "recover" and study, at least.

Thank you for the weekend, Petra! ♥

Friday, 26 September 2014

18th birthday and souvenirs

Long time no see, once again!
First my dear pet, Vilma died, next week I had my matrculation exams and then
I got sick. I haven't been too much at school this week and on Wednesday I had my 18th birthday,
finally! I couldn't really do anything on Wednesday: I was still a bit sick. Today though, I am gonna
go on a ship, woohoo! :)

Here is my new shelf, my souvenirs and new purchases!

My parents traveled to Estonia on Wednesday and my mom bought me these Victoria's Secret
products :) They smell amazing <3 A fragrance mist and body cream in cherry blossom & peach!

This book, Divergent 2, I got from Ted and his mom for my birthday! I can study Dutch and read
 good book at the same time, yay :)

Manhattan products are also from Estonia! Baby Lips -lip balm is bought before :3

Trio Effect Blush, Pink Cupcake
Supreme Lash mascara (black)
Manhattan Lipstick, 45F (pic below)
Baby Lips, Pink Punch

Red lipstick, wut.. I never wear red. I actually did wear red lipstick yesterday when I went shopping.
The only reason I don't wear it, is that my cheeks become extremely red outside.. not so nice.

These I have bought yesterday

Blouse, Cubus
Scarf, Gina Tricot

Aaand for the last, my nails to wear on the ship!

OPI Black Onyx
OPI Rainbow Connection (Muppets Collection)

Friday, 12 September 2014

I'll never forget you ♥

 ♥Rest in peace Vilma ♥
We had amazing 10 years together and I'm gonna miss you so much

Monday, 8 September 2014

Outfit & Nails 8/9

Hello! I am literally in love with my mom's makeup table (and makeup). She has so much cool
stuff and the last two days I've spent my mornings at that table, doing my makeup with her makeup
(it's not that she uses it, so I need to!)

Here is my FOTD and OOTD!

Oh yeah, I am also in love with curls again so I've been braidng my hair for days :D

I had thrown this shirt/dress away already half a year ago since I didn't wear it
but my mom hadn't got rid of it yet. I decided to take it back to my closet and now it feels
like new again! I probably shouldn't throw away basics.

Dress, H&M / Shoes, DinSko / Necklace, Guess

There nails remind me maybe a bit too much of winter but I think they are still cute!

OPI Base Coat
OPI Can't Find My Czechbook
L'oréal 919 Grace Tweed
OPI Top Coat

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

New nails

L'oréal, 404 Scarlet Vamp
OPI, Black Onyx
Mavala, 211 Black Diamond
OPI Top Coat