Friday, 26 September 2014

18th birthday and souvenirs

Long time no see, once again!
First my dear pet, Vilma died, next week I had my matrculation exams and then
I got sick. I haven't been too much at school this week and on Wednesday I had my 18th birthday,
finally! I couldn't really do anything on Wednesday: I was still a bit sick. Today though, I am gonna
go on a ship, woohoo! :)

Here is my new shelf, my souvenirs and new purchases!

My parents traveled to Estonia on Wednesday and my mom bought me these Victoria's Secret
products :) They smell amazing <3 A fragrance mist and body cream in cherry blossom & peach!

This book, Divergent 2, I got from Ted and his mom for my birthday! I can study Dutch and read
 good book at the same time, yay :)

Manhattan products are also from Estonia! Baby Lips -lip balm is bought before :3

Trio Effect Blush, Pink Cupcake
Supreme Lash mascara (black)
Manhattan Lipstick, 45F (pic below)
Baby Lips, Pink Punch

Red lipstick, wut.. I never wear red. I actually did wear red lipstick yesterday when I went shopping.
The only reason I don't wear it, is that my cheeks become extremely red outside.. not so nice.

These I have bought yesterday

Blouse, Cubus
Scarf, Gina Tricot

Aaand for the last, my nails to wear on the ship!

OPI Black Onyx
OPI Rainbow Connection (Muppets Collection)

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