Monday, 9 February 2015

Nails: Sketched Hearts

Even though I am about 1500 km away from my boyfriend, I wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day
... on my nails.

I tried a new sketched style on my nails and I think I succeeded quite well and it looks
really cute!

(Ignore the hair on my nail)

I filed my nails into this shape last Friday. I want an almond shape but I think it is so hard
to make.. This is better than last time though, when my nails came out too pointy.

I used essence nail hardener as a base

This isn't my best gradient mani ever, but after top coat and glitter it looks fine. I applied three
layers of Essence colour&go, 106 Free Hugs and 177 Happy End (sooo cute names!) with
makeup sponge. On top of it I applied one layer of OPI Top Coat

I'm happy that I decided to apply this glitter. It looks really good with the gradient base. I didn't
apply it straight with the brush but with makeup sponge, once again :) I didn't want to cover my nails
completely with it. The polish is Essence effect nail polish, 03 Glitz & Glam 

Next I just drew the hears with white Essence tip painter. I tried to make a lot of thin lines
to make it look drawn. After that, I just applied another layer of OPI Top Coat and tried to 
clean the area around my nails

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Nails: 2x Striping tape

I am crazy about striping tape at the moment. First I had no idea how to get clean lines with it
but I did some research and I think I got it! My two latest manis are made using striping tape.

I didn't even know that I have this nail polish but once I discovered it, I had to try it. It is MAC
Little Girl Type. Black nail polish is called OPI Black Onyx and the little glitter details are made
with Catrice Million Brilliance, 01 It's Showtime

My other striping tape design is nautical. I mixed 3 pictures that I found and ended up with this!
This blue nail polish is one of my favorites and it is Dior, 607 Blue Denim

Week 6

Good morning!

I don't post about my life that much anymore nowadays but I thought I could share some
pictures of this week with you. I haven't done anything special: I had an exam, I have been studying
and reading and I went shopping. I also had a sleepover with Anna but I don't have any pictures of that!

I love when bare trees are covered with snow. It makes everything look so much brighter!

I went to library on Tuesday to return a couple of books and I found my new favorite section where
they have for example books of Stephen king, Dan Brown and Lee Child. Horror, thriller and crime!
I borrowed The Da Vinci Code and Desperation. I was happy to found Desperation there! I thought
they wouldn't have it in that little library :)

I had anchor nails last week and I didn't want to take off the anchor design yet so I just removed
the polish from all of my nails but ring finger and painted them again. I love this glitter with blue!! 

On Wednesday I went shopping with my mom. I found this cute cartoon blouse from H&M
and it was too adorable not to buy :3

I also got a concealer because my other one is too light for me :( But this seems to be working
quite well under my eyes!

I have way too many books to read but I couldn't resist the offer: 3 paperbacks with €15! I got
some crime books.. Kind of nice to have some Finnish books since most of my books are in English.

Relaxing Friday morning with tea, croissant and my book!

I don't have pictures of my weekend. I hung out with Anna, I have been studying and reading
and last night I watched Big Hero 6 with Ted! It was quite good :) Today I am just gonna
read and study again + exercise. 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tuesday morning

The end of my normal school days is doing no good for me.. I almost wrote "Friday morning" as
title even though it is just Tuesday. 
My upper secondary school years are coming to the end.. Next week we, 3rd grade students, will have a couple nice events which I can't wait for :) ! In two weeks I will have 3 weeks free to study
for the finals and after that, I am done... so weird! 3 years have gone so fast and I have grown so much as a person during these years. 

Anyway, this post isn't supposed to be about school and me growing etc. but my morning.
I have been cleaning my room and I wanted to share a couple of pics! I have a lot of pics on my phone
that I haven't shared and I will try to get them here sometime.

My favorite breakfast recently: greek yoghurt, cinnamon, müsli and banana/orange! I also got some
blueberries and raspberries to eat with greek yoghurt but I haven't tried them yet.

This morning I wiped the dust off, hoovered my room and changed the place of my things, such
as books! 

My book collection <3 (missing one book, though)
 A year ago I had just 2 books.. I just ordered more books from and you can also
see them in the picture: The Maze Runner -series and It by Stephen King <3 At the moment I am
reading A song of Ice and Fire: a Game of Thrones. So far one of the best books I have ever read!

I am so happy that I could find It online (creepy cover, though). I couldn't find it in any book stores
but fortunately had it in English! It is about an evil clown.. probably shouldn't read
it at night.

Outfit today! Nothing special since I have just been cleaning. Now I am off to library and school
though. I need to get my practice exam back because I will have the big exam of Finnish in two
days! And I need to go to the library to return a couple of books. I also get a good exercise since
I am gonna walk there :) yay!

Shirt, H&M / Cardigan, Lindex / Jeans, Dr. Denim

(I love this necklace from Bijou Brigitte <3) 

Have a nice day everyone! :)