Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tuesday morning

The end of my normal school days is doing no good for me.. I almost wrote "Friday morning" as
title even though it is just Tuesday. 
My upper secondary school years are coming to the end.. Next week we, 3rd grade students, will have a couple nice events which I can't wait for :) ! In two weeks I will have 3 weeks free to study
for the finals and after that, I am done... so weird! 3 years have gone so fast and I have grown so much as a person during these years. 

Anyway, this post isn't supposed to be about school and me growing etc. but my morning.
I have been cleaning my room and I wanted to share a couple of pics! I have a lot of pics on my phone
that I haven't shared and I will try to get them here sometime.

My favorite breakfast recently: greek yoghurt, cinnamon, müsli and banana/orange! I also got some
blueberries and raspberries to eat with greek yoghurt but I haven't tried them yet.

This morning I wiped the dust off, hoovered my room and changed the place of my things, such
as books! 

My book collection <3 (missing one book, though)
 A year ago I had just 2 books.. I just ordered more books from CDON.com and you can also
see them in the picture: The Maze Runner -series and It by Stephen King <3 At the moment I am
reading A song of Ice and Fire: a Game of Thrones. So far one of the best books I have ever read!

I am so happy that I could find It online (creepy cover, though). I couldn't find it in any book stores
but fortunately CDON.com had it in English! It is about an evil clown.. probably shouldn't read
it at night.

Outfit today! Nothing special since I have just been cleaning. Now I am off to library and school
though. I need to get my practice exam back because I will have the big exam of Finnish in two
days! And I need to go to the library to return a couple of books. I also get a good exercise since
I am gonna walk there :) yay!

Shirt, H&M / Cardigan, Lindex / Jeans, Dr. Denim

(I love this necklace from Bijou Brigitte <3) 

Have a nice day everyone! :)

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