Monday, 9 February 2015

Nails: Sketched Hearts

Even though I am about 1500 km away from my boyfriend, I wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day
... on my nails.

I tried a new sketched style on my nails and I think I succeeded quite well and it looks
really cute!

(Ignore the hair on my nail)

I filed my nails into this shape last Friday. I want an almond shape but I think it is so hard
to make.. This is better than last time though, when my nails came out too pointy.

I used essence nail hardener as a base

This isn't my best gradient mani ever, but after top coat and glitter it looks fine. I applied three
layers of Essence colour&go, 106 Free Hugs and 177 Happy End (sooo cute names!) with
makeup sponge. On top of it I applied one layer of OPI Top Coat

I'm happy that I decided to apply this glitter. It looks really good with the gradient base. I didn't
apply it straight with the brush but with makeup sponge, once again :) I didn't want to cover my nails
completely with it. The polish is Essence effect nail polish, 03 Glitz & Glam 

Next I just drew the hears with white Essence tip painter. I tried to make a lot of thin lines
to make it look drawn. After that, I just applied another layer of OPI Top Coat and tried to 
clean the area around my nails

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