Sunday, 1 March 2015

February pics

Hello! It has been about 3 weeks since my last post and I won't probably make posts frequently for
some time still because I am mostly studying for my finals for a couple of weeks. After that
I need to focus on the entrance exams as well. 

There are quite a lot of pictures here but I decided to sum up February in one post.

I am still crazy about natural yogurt with berries or banana and müsli! So delicious and it keeps
me satisfied for hours.

School stuff, preparing for my Spanish exam. I had listening comprehensions of English and
Spanish already and I am really surprised of my points! I got 78,5 / 90 points of Spanish and
77,5 / 90 of English. Really satisfied about the results :)

Random selfie on a school morning :)

We had a cruise where were only 3rd grade students of upper secondary schools. Coincidentally I met
Jasmin there, a friend that I saw last time about 1,5 years ago! I spent most of my time with her.
There was a well-known Finnish band on the cruise called Apulanta and they had a gig of 2 hours!

The next day we were sitting outside for a bit. The sun was shining and the wind wasn't blowing
at all. It felt so warm and springy! 

I bought a body wash of Victoria's Secret and OPI nail polish from the ship. Also some chocolate and
mini oreo cookies, yum!

Had to try my new nail polish! It is more orange than I thought but it looks beautiful! I also wanted
to do some details on my nails so I practiced some flowers. They turned out quite well :)

First time using our special coffee machine. The coffees and hot chocolate are so delicious!

Starting a new book, Twilight, and eating cholocate. I was sick during the vacation week and I had
quite high fever at times. It lasted 5 days or so. 

My chocolate stash.. maybe a bit too much :D At least I don't need to buy more for some time.

A beautiful nail polish of Lumene! Probably one of my favorite nail polishes.

Two days ago, on Friday, I went walking with my dad for 1 hour 40 minutes. I literally had to
jog sometimes because I couldn't keep up with him. After the exercise I had burnt over 700 calories
and my legs hurt SO much! And in the evening I had circuit training.. I wasn't almost able to walk
yesterday and it still hurts. Today I have an exercise again and I wonder if I can even stand up.

Messy nail art experience! 

Splash nails. They turned out better than expected (even though I had some difficulties) but after
the next step they kind of failed....

Here's the result. The golden edges seemed like a good idea in my head but on my nails, not
such a good result. I had them on for a couple of days and I am gonna redo my nails now. I should
also study because I have been so lazy this weekend! 

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