Sunday, 15 March 2015

New hair

I went to hairdresser after a long time on Thursday. I wanted to go closer to my natural hair color
so that I can stop dyeing my hair. This was my hair before:

... and after being to the hairdresser:

My hair was really uneven. The sides were a lot shorter than the middle part (sorry for not having
a pic of my old hair open) so they had to cut it quite a lot to get it even. It is still quite long and this
time it is cut in a round shape, which I like! 

This color isn't my natural color. My natural hair color is more like golden blonde but the roots
should look fine with this shade. This color will also probably fade a bit when I have washed my
hair a couple of times.

All in all I am really pleased with the result! I didn't want my hair to be cut a lot but it looks
a lot healthier now and also more natural with this color. My eyebrows are also quite close to this
color which is nice!

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  1. i love your hair & style
    you looks wonderful
    i love you