Tuesday, 10 March 2015

March, week 1

Hello everyone! I've come up with an idea to make one post about my week once a week (of course...)
I don't have that many pictures of last week because I've mostly been to school preparing for exams
and studying. Tomorrow I will have the final psychology exam for which I've been studying for
4 months or so. I feel like I still know nothing. We will see how it goes!

I've been using our coffee machine like crazy. I just love cappuccino and latte macchiato! Also, this
machine makes the best hot chocolate that I've ever tasted!

I borrowed this book from library last Tuesday to practice some English before my exam (which I 
have this Friday) but I finished it last week already, in 3 days. It was so good! It doesn't have the best
ratings (about 3.6/5) but I loved it. I think it was scary and I actually couldn't fall asleep the night
I read it. Well, I could, but it took some time and I had to calm down. Also, this book has "disturbing
found images" of asylums which I liked.

Studying psychology and drinking coffee. This has been my normal afternoon last week. 

Can you see my roots? I am so glad I can dye my hair soon. I will go to hairdresser this week
and I really want the yellow tone out of my hair. I will see what they can do! Also, my goal is to get as
close as possible to my natural hair color. I will either ask them to dye it like that or put highlights
or make it gradient. Whatever they think is the best!

On Friday I went shopping with Petra before school and I finally found acid wash jeans that
I like! I also found this shirt, well, I am not really sure what to call it. Maybe a kimono but I always
think kimono is long.

The jeans! I like the gradient effect and acid wash together. I got these jeans from Seppälä.
These are also super stretchy and soft = comfy!

My Saturday oreo chocolate ♥ I also had a sleepover on Saturday with Anna but I took no pictures.
We actually watched three movies with her which is a lot for me since I watch movies quite rarely.
We watched We're The Millers, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (I really liked this one! I am
crazy about animation movies nowadays) and Easy A. The last one was kind of a cliché teenage
movie. It was fine but I liked the two other movies more!

Two manis! I started ripping off the red nails while studying so I just decided to remove it and
do a new mani because else I would have just ripped my nails even more and couldn't focus
on studying!

I love this blue nail polish! It is a neon glitter polish of Yes Love. I bought it from Spain and I also
have another one of these in purple which I wore last summer. Have I even shown you a picture of it?
Well, I don't have a good picture but here it is (after 15 minutes of searching) :

I am not sure which color I like more. The purple has more of neon glitter which I like but
this blue shade is also so beautiful!

Here is the kimono (I think?) I bought on Friday. It is also from Seppälä and it so so airy!
Perfect for spring and chilly summer nights :)

See how big it is? I like the shape! This isn't exactly my style but I wanted to be adventurous 
and try something new and a bit different! I am trying to make my wardrobe a bit more unique
with clothes that have a special print or shape.

Well, there was my week! The post of week 2 will probably be even more empty since
I just have exams. I hope you all had a nice week!

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