Sunday, 27 April 2014

Nails: Pink & Sparkle

Yesterday while cleaning my nail polish  bottles, I found some nail polishes I haven't even seen before
(since my mom often buys the nail polishes and they were quite old).
I decided to use those polishes on my nails since they would create the perfect girly look I've seen
online maaany times.

There were no tools used, just nail polishes :)

2 layers of OPI Nail Envy

Two layers of laca de uñas, shade no 63

Two layers of this cute girly pink polish! So glad I found it.
Models Own, Pastel Pink

^^ a pic of my right hand

 One layer of  this sparkly polish of Yves Rocher. Shade no 301

+ Top coat and done!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

My week

Hello and good Saturday evening! I've just returned from shower before which I went walking
and to jacuzzi for a bit! 
I have taken some random pics this week and I decided to share them here with you since everyone
who voted has wished for lifestyle stuff.

This was my outfit on Monday. Jeans from Zara, shirt from JC and blazer from H&M !
A bit sailor -stylish in my opinion :D (might be the anchor shirt)

I have filled in my calendar a bit after a long time and started reading a book for my Finnish course..
I have a couple of weeks to read this book of almost 400 pages (and I am not a fan of reading
at day time.. I do it mostly before sleeping) SOO I will probably be in a hurry.

Breakfast of.. many days. A fan of Fitness cereals again :D 

Tuesday evening before zumba!

Random selfie! And loving my scarf which I haven't worn for ageeees. 

My snacks last evening. I ate a little bag of chocolate eggs yesterday after school and I felt
so bad after it.. now I am trying not to eat sweet stuff before next weekend.. I have kind of been
craving for everything this week!! 

This morning I cleaned some nail polishes (on the picture above are almost all of out polishes)
and thre away maybe 1/3 or more of my clothes.. I have sooo much space now! :)

That's all I threw away ;)

I also did my nails this afternoon with the nail polishes above. Gonna make a post about them later.
They are girly and really simple. Many of you have probably seen them online sometime :)

A couple of pics of my walk about an hour ago..
Now it is time to get sausage and salad (and trying to get used to cottage cheese since it has a lot
of protein) !

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Nails: Sailor

Helloo! Making a nail post now as I promised. I was supposed to make this already last evening
but I kind of started reading a Dutch blog and watching her vids even though I don't understand
pretty much anything! :D Fun evening, indeed.

Here are my sailor themed nails and I got the inspiration for them on we♥it!
These are simply to do so no need for a lot of explanations!

Essence Sun Club, 04 BBC Orange Sunset

Inglot, 151

OPI Alpine Snow

Using a detail brush to make the lines
Inglot, 151

Essence colour&go, 98 Walk on air

A gif how I created the helm on my thumb nail:

Result before finishing: 

After cleaning and OPI Top coat:

Cute and summery style <3 I was in a summer mood since it was sooo warm and I had just
sunbathed :)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Whitening nail treatment

Good evening! I've made it through a looong school day and soon it is time to go to zumbaaaa!

This post, as the title says, is about nails once again :D Well, I had to delete all my previous posts so
actually there aren't many nail posts anymore. Maybe I will make one at some point, which has also some
of my other nails seen on this blog.

I have a new kind of nail treatment I've been doing for a few months now. At the moment I am
doing a nail treatment once a week, usually on Mondays but it changes a bit sometimes.
I am using ingredients which you can find from your kitchen: warm water, lemon juice and baking
powder. Together they should make your nails whiter! Now when I've been using this, I think
my nails have become whiter :)

I think it is also funny that baking powder makes a little bubbles in the water :3

And as always, using a cuticle cream/oil and pushing the cuticles. After that adding some hand cream
and waiting for my nails to dry!

After my nails are dry, I just add 2 layers of Nail Envy! My nails have become a lot stronger
and thus they don't break often anymore. They are also getting quite long (in my scale ;))

I recommend to try out this treatment with lemon and baking powder and adding some
cuticle and hand cream after it! It keeps your cuticles moisturized and helps your nails to grow.
I tend to add hand cream every evening nowadays :)
And yeah, to finish off, add some nail hardener!

I was about to put my nails on this same post but this became quite long so I am just gonna make
another post of it :)

Monday, 21 April 2014

Running & sunbathing

Hello! One nice day is over soon again. It has been so warm again today and this was the first
time this year that I could go running with a hoodie! I could've already yesterday but I didn't..

Here are some pictures of my day! 

Starting my morning with a good breakfast (notice that I forgot to take a picture before biting)

I also did a nail treatment this morning

After 12 pm I decided to go running because the weather was amazing (still is <3).
Now I have a bit more motivation again because my heart rate monitor started working. It hasn't been
working for months so I couldn't wear it :(

Some pictures taken while I was walking/running :) My walk took a bit over an hour and I burnt
almost 500 calories, not bad ;)

When I got home, our lunch was just ready and after that I decided to go sunbathing again!

I was sunbathing for almost two hours :D 
And then it was time to do my nails, which means that you can get a new nail post tomorrow!

Sneak peek ;)

This day was about the same as yesterday.. went running and sunbathing. I also went to jacuzzi
last evening and I will go again soon :> then it is time to get school stuff ready for tomorrow :(
Starting with an 8 hour long day right after a little vacation.. meh.

Nails: Easter

So, now my blog starts kind of from the start.. On my previous post I mentioned that all the pictures
on my blog have disappeared.. Now I have a new header (thanks to Ted :)) and the poll on the
left side. So, vote please <3 I would want to make this blog better and make posts that you also might
be interested about.

To the topic of the post..

 .. Easter nails!

Starting with adding 2 coats of Nail Envy to make my nails less likely to break

Adding the base colors:
White: OPI Alpine Snow
Blue: OPI Can't Find My Czechbook
Yellow: Gosh, 590 Yellow Doll

I started with my index finger. I made chick, using a detail brush and a dotting tool.
I made the "edges of the egg" with a detail brush and eyes and a nose with a dotting tool
(eyes with the big side and the nose with the smaller one)

The polishes above I used on my middle finger. Again, I used a detail brush and a dotting tool
Polishes from left to right:
OPI Can't Find My Czechbook
Inglot, 151
Inglot, 971
Gosh, 590 Yellow Doll

Next I made a pink bunny on my ring finger and while it was drying, I made dots on my
For the bunny I used a detail brush and for the dots, a dotting tool of course!

Making the base of the bunny, so, face and ears
(Inglot 151)

While my ring finger was drying, I made dots on the pinkie
(Gosh, 590 Yellow Doll)

Sleeping eyes on the bunny and a cute sticker ribbon to finish it off!
The Black nail polish is OPI Black Onyx

On my thumbs I decided to create a bit of grass and two flowers.
I used a detail brush for the grass and mixed together two different shades of green:
Models Own, Endamame
Depend (this is from some clothing store so they don't usually have names)

I also added the middle of the flower with a white nail polish and a yellow one

When the nail had dried, I just added the petals of the flower with a dotting tool and finished my nail art
with OPI Top Coat

I was a bit hasty with this nail art, though.. They took some time to dry and I started changing my clothes
so two of my nails got ruined on my right hand (index and middle finger). I tried to be positive and
was happy that it wasn't the ring finger at least, haha :)

So, that were my Easter nails and remember to vote on the poll! :*