Saturday, 26 April 2014

My week

Hello and good Saturday evening! I've just returned from shower before which I went walking
and to jacuzzi for a bit! 
I have taken some random pics this week and I decided to share them here with you since everyone
who voted has wished for lifestyle stuff.

This was my outfit on Monday. Jeans from Zara, shirt from JC and blazer from H&M !
A bit sailor -stylish in my opinion :D (might be the anchor shirt)

I have filled in my calendar a bit after a long time and started reading a book for my Finnish course..
I have a couple of weeks to read this book of almost 400 pages (and I am not a fan of reading
at day time.. I do it mostly before sleeping) SOO I will probably be in a hurry.

Breakfast of.. many days. A fan of Fitness cereals again :D 

Tuesday evening before zumba!

Random selfie! And loving my scarf which I haven't worn for ageeees. 

My snacks last evening. I ate a little bag of chocolate eggs yesterday after school and I felt
so bad after it.. now I am trying not to eat sweet stuff before next weekend.. I have kind of been
craving for everything this week!! 

This morning I cleaned some nail polishes (on the picture above are almost all of out polishes)
and thre away maybe 1/3 or more of my clothes.. I have sooo much space now! :)

That's all I threw away ;)

I also did my nails this afternoon with the nail polishes above. Gonna make a post about them later.
They are girly and really simple. Many of you have probably seen them online sometime :)

A couple of pics of my walk about an hour ago..
Now it is time to get sausage and salad (and trying to get used to cottage cheese since it has a lot
of protein) !


  1. Wau Jansku D: Hyvässä kunnossa näytät olevan. Ei kai ihme, näytät urheilevan ihan antaumuksella. :D Kuinkas fanaattinen olet sitten ruoan suhteen...? "Ei pullamössöhiilareitaaa iii maitorahkaa vaaaann" :O Tekstin perusteella herkut näyttää kyllä onneksi maistuvan. Liiallinen kieltäytyminen on mielestäni karua.. Olis jännä kuulla suhtautumisestas liikuntaan jne vaikka ihan postauksen merkeissä!

    1. Voi kiitos :) ja joo, kyl mä aika paljon liikun.
      Ja mul on viha-rakkaus suhde ruokaan haha. Varsinkin makeisiin.. voin joskus tehäkin postauksen! Ehkä vielä tän viikon aikana jos saan aikaseksi tekstiä ja motivaatiota!