Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Life update

How is everybody? :) I hope someone still reads my blog sometimes, haha.  
I have been getting into my new study and I am finally starting to learn how to work at this level.
I was at library today with my classmate working on a project :) For once we are done early.

The only thing I love about early mornings: beautiful sky ♥
Often while on the bus I have seen the sun rise, it looks so nice. Fortunately it is getting
darker again so I can't enjoy of that for long.

Learning how to make nasogastric intubation at school :3 Our practice dolls look creepy.

Outfit a couple weeks back: new shoes, jeans and shirt :)

I had a relaxing evening with Petra, Siri and my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. We were playing board games for hours, eating and laughing!

Of course we also had a couple of drinks. Raspberry liqueur with soda.

Fall is so pretty ♥

Look of today :) Tried a bit darker makeup than normally but it isn't too dark for my style.

Outfit today: shirt, BikBok / jeggings, Dr. Denim / shoes, DinSko / necklace is a gift