Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Yves Rocher

A week or two ago I ordered some beauty products online with my mom. I got a new foundation,
mascara and perfume. I had actually tried all of these before because my mom has them. Her foundation
was too dark for me so I had to get a lighter shade.

The foundation is called Comfort Cream Foundation and this is the lightest shade, beige 100. 
I think it is quite dark for the lightest shade but it is perfect for me.

Jar isn't really handy for a foundation but it looks super nice. I have a makeup spatula so I am using
it to get foundation on my hand.

This foundation is good for my dry skin and it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I also
like my other foundation (Maybelline Fit Me) but it leaves my skin quite dry.

My new perfume has a scent of Green Tea. The smell isn't too strong which I like because I 
get headache really easily. In my opinion this is a perfect every day -perfume.

Yves Rocher 360° length mascara is one of the best mascaras I've tried. I love mascaras with
rubber bristles. It separates the eyelashes perfectly! 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

March, week 3

Hello! It is time to show you again what my last week looked like through my phone. I went
for a walk a couple of times, I went shopping and didn't study even though I knew I would have
my last exam next Monday.

First time wearing my spring jacket for walking :) This was actually last Sunday but I forgot
to put it on my last post!

The weather was warm and sunny :) I made a walk of about 5 km so it wasn't that long.

I did my nails too! I was supposed to have just one color but I got bored of it so I added this
cute glitter top coat!

Sooo.. this happened. I started straightening my hair again. They made it look so pretty and smooth
at the hair dresser so I don't want to go back to my old frizzy hair! I thought that maybe it doesn't
matter that much if I do it 2-3 times a week and use a heat protector..

At the moment I am using a heat protector of Sunsilk but I have a new one waiting for me in my
stash once I'm done with this!

I went to bake to Anna's place on Monday and this was my outfit of the day. Also the first
time using my spring jacket this year!

Shirt, H&M / Jeans, Seppälä / Jacket, H&M / Bag, Seppälä / Shoes, DinSko

We baked the same thing as always...

.. But it stays delicious! 

On Wednesday I went walking once again. My walking turned into jog and run at some point though
which isn't bad of course! I had to stop sometimes to take beautiful sunny pictures.

After my workout I chopped some cucumber, orange and peach on a plate :)

My mom ordered things from Kiko and I got this beautiful nail polish! 

We went shopping and I got some beauty things (I made a post about it before last week :))

Nothing really happened the next day but on Friday I was hanging out with Petra for some time.
We went outside to walk and ended up to a forest. Well, it was nice and relaxing! The weather
had cooled down from last days though and I was freezing.

I don't have any good picture of this shirt on me so I am showing you this, haha.
This is a pic I sent to some of my friends.  I got this shirt from KappAhl on Friday. So cute!

On Saturday I was cleaning my room for 4-5 hours (!!). I cleaned a lot of drawers and checked through
our nail polishes. On Friday I had cleaned half of my closet and I continued with the other half
on Saturday.

On Saturday evening it was time to relax! I watched a movie with my parents and ate some
popcorn and drank some cider :) I can't remember the name of the movie but it contained a lot of
fighting, haha.

On Sunday I was just studying a bit, relaxing and I exercised in the evening!

Hampton Republic 27

I've got a new piece of clothing in my wardrobe which is too cute not to show you guys :)
I am in love with the Hampton Republic 27 -collection by KappAhl. I love navy theme and that
is what the collection is all about!

I love baby pink and that's why I chose this color. Dark blue, white and pink look really nice
and cute together. This shirt also feels really soft and it is 100% cotton!

What do you think? Do you have any clothes from this collection? :)

Friday, 20 March 2015

Outfit 19/3

It was such a nice weather on Thursday and I felt like writing an outfit post after a long time
so I went to our backyard to take pictures! I don't really know another place where to take pictures.
I am not really a fan of doing it in public because I don't like to be the center of attention etc. 
but it would look cooler than our backyard, haha.

I have also started using lookbook and I am not sure how to add the hype button here. I will figure
that out! Anyway, if you have a lookbook account and like my outfit, feel free to hype it HERE

I had to go to bank on Thursday and I changed the shoes to my Chelsea boots. I just thought
these shoes would look cool with this outfit when it is warmer and I don't need to wear a jacket

Jeans, Seppälä / Shirt, Gina Tricot / Kimono, Seppälä / Shoes, Spirit Store

I am not actually sure where my jewelry are from but I think the necklace is from Ur & Penn
and my rings from Gina Tricot or H&M! I would love to wear midi rings more often but
they fall off so easily from my little fingers ):

Here you can also see my new Kiko nail polish! It is a beautiful blue polish with some shimmer
in it. The shade is 521 Pearly Ocean. I have stamped one of my favorite prints on it with Konad.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

3+1 shopping

There are 3+1 days at Sokos at the moment and we decided to go check it out with my mom
yesterday. It was also the first time that we biked to the shopping center this year! 

I got mostly products for my hair and face. I also bought some stuff that are handy in daily basis,
for example a pack of tissues.

I took a quick picture of my outfit while trying on a running shirt. It is finally warm enough to wear
my spring jacket :) 

Jeans, Seppälä / Jacket, H&M / Scarf, Gina Tricot / Shoes, Converse (you can see them a bit
in the mirror!) / Bag from Spain

I got a beautiful picture of the sun setting! It took about 30 minutes to bike home and we got
back right before it got dark.

These are the things that I actually bought. Some products for hair and face and 2 eyeshadows from
Gina Tricot.

I am crazy about hair products which contain different kinds of oils. I use shampoos and conditioners
with oils, a hair spray with oil in it and also hair oil to make my hair look shinier. Despite using that
much oils in my hair, it doesn't look dirty or oily at all.

The shampoo and conditioner of Sunsilk seemed just perfect for me. I don't remember how much they
cost but I think around €2,5 / product. This shampoo and conditioner have moroccan argan & almond
oils in them and it should give a smooth and shiny result. I used these products last evening already
and today my hair does feel really silky! I think I'm gonna be using these all the time now.

I also got a heat protector because I've started straightening my hair again. I stopped it for a couple
of years almost completely so that my hair could rest but it is in better condition now and I won't
straighten it a lot. I was thinking maybe 2 or 3 times a week. I also straighten it with the lowest
heat possible and I use heat protection. I also don't straighten it throughout but just in the front.
I have a heat protector of Sunsilk at the moment but once I'm out of that, I will use this one of Tresemmé.
I used to use this heat protector all the time before and it smells so good!

I am also a fan of cleansing mousses. At the moment I am using one of Dermosil which is for 
dry skin but I am almost out of it. This soothing cleansing mousse of Nivea was on sale and I've wanted
to try it! It is also for dry skin so I will see how it works on my skin.

I was also in a need of a new deodorant so I got a pack of two. I took just one of them for the photo.
My skin is really sensitive and I prefer to have a deodorant of Nivea or Dove. Their deodorants are
often good for my skin and the smell is really good and "soft".

The last thing that I got from 3+1 day and that I am gonna show you is this Arctic Aqua tinted
moisturizer of Lumene. I got the lightest shade, number 1. This is a tinted moisturizer that blends in
with your natural skin tone and evens out the complexion. I will use this under my foundation :)

I also checked Gina Tricot at the shopping center and got these 2 eyeshadows. They are just €3.95/piece
but I think that they are really good! The pigment is good and it stays on really well throughout the day. Lately I've been using grey-black eyeshadow more often so I got one grey and one black

The shades are called 54 Dark Grey (left) and 01 Black (right)

That is all I got yesterday! My mom made an order a couple of days ago so I will also get a new
mascara and foundation soon that I will show you. 

I hope you liked this shopping post! I will get myself ready now and hang out with Petra in a couple
of hours. Have a nice Thursday everyone :) !

Monday, 16 March 2015

March, week 2

Last week I had 3 of my final exams and I was hanging out quite a lot with my friends. I went
shopping and out and had a couple of relaxing days after the exams.

These two pictures are from Wednesday when I came from shopping with Senni. I thought the sky looked
so beautiful and I had to get a picture of it! I didn't buy anything this time because I spent
quite a lot of money a week before :)

Cappuccino to celebrate that my psychology exam was over.. Of course I didn't know how hard
the English exam would be on Friday.

On Thursday I went to hairdresser and I loved my new hair! Now that I've washed it, it isn't as
straight and shiny anymore :( I want to straighten it but I am afraid my hair would snap a lot.

I got a glazed apple body creme from Belgium last Christmas and my mom had bought the
shower gel so I tried both of them. I love the fresh smell of Apple!

Eating candy for the first time after 5 weeks (chocolate doesn't count ;)) because my mom decided
to buy some for me (too much). I watched a movie, The Other Woman, at the same time.

Sneak peek before my English exams.. I wasn't nervous because the practice exams haven't been
too hard and I got good grades but OH MY GOD this exam was hard! It had a lot of texts about
physics and politics and I had no idea what they were talking about most of the times :/

Later that day I was with Anna and we went to circuit training. After that we got ourselves ready
and went out :) We had a couple of drinks and we were dancing. It was fun!

Bad lighting and a crappy picture but I wanted a picture of us here :)

The next day we were just chilling out with Anna and we were relaxing for some time in our tub. 
We were quite tired so we didn't really do much the whole day.

I started watching Desperate Housewives again after a looong time again! I used to watch it in high school
and I thought I hadn't seen all the seasons but season 1 is familiar at least. Maybe I have skipped
a season at some point or I just think that I have. We'll see!

That was my week! This week I won't have any school and I should still study for one exam
and apply fot other schools!! These 3 years in senior high have gone by so fast. It is hard for me
to realize that I should go study somewhere else next fall..