Sunday, 22 March 2015

March, week 3

Hello! It is time to show you again what my last week looked like through my phone. I went
for a walk a couple of times, I went shopping and didn't study even though I knew I would have
my last exam next Monday.

First time wearing my spring jacket for walking :) This was actually last Sunday but I forgot
to put it on my last post!

The weather was warm and sunny :) I made a walk of about 5 km so it wasn't that long.

I did my nails too! I was supposed to have just one color but I got bored of it so I added this
cute glitter top coat!

Sooo.. this happened. I started straightening my hair again. They made it look so pretty and smooth
at the hair dresser so I don't want to go back to my old frizzy hair! I thought that maybe it doesn't
matter that much if I do it 2-3 times a week and use a heat protector..

At the moment I am using a heat protector of Sunsilk but I have a new one waiting for me in my
stash once I'm done with this!

I went to bake to Anna's place on Monday and this was my outfit of the day. Also the first
time using my spring jacket this year!

Shirt, H&M / Jeans, Seppälä / Jacket, H&M / Bag, Seppälä / Shoes, DinSko

We baked the same thing as always...

.. But it stays delicious! 

On Wednesday I went walking once again. My walking turned into jog and run at some point though
which isn't bad of course! I had to stop sometimes to take beautiful sunny pictures.

After my workout I chopped some cucumber, orange and peach on a plate :)

My mom ordered things from Kiko and I got this beautiful nail polish! 

We went shopping and I got some beauty things (I made a post about it before last week :))

Nothing really happened the next day but on Friday I was hanging out with Petra for some time.
We went outside to walk and ended up to a forest. Well, it was nice and relaxing! The weather
had cooled down from last days though and I was freezing.

I don't have any good picture of this shirt on me so I am showing you this, haha.
This is a pic I sent to some of my friends.  I got this shirt from KappAhl on Friday. So cute!

On Saturday I was cleaning my room for 4-5 hours (!!). I cleaned a lot of drawers and checked through
our nail polishes. On Friday I had cleaned half of my closet and I continued with the other half
on Saturday.

On Saturday evening it was time to relax! I watched a movie with my parents and ate some
popcorn and drank some cider :) I can't remember the name of the movie but it contained a lot of
fighting, haha.

On Sunday I was just studying a bit, relaxing and I exercised in the evening!

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