Monday, 2 March 2015

Nails: Roses & Stripes with Essence

I got an idea to paint my nails only with one brand and I went for Essence. I thought it was fun
to have limited amount of nail polishes to choose from, so I think that I will do it again sometime! 

As a base I used Essence hardening nail base which I have been using a lot recently. I guess it's working
since my nails haven't broken for a long time (I have just ripped them...)

I had already forgotten how much I love this color. It is almost exactly like a blue nail polish of Dior
that I have but €30 cheaper! This shade is called 98 walk on air. It covers the nail completely with
2 layers.

I used striping tape to make thick stripes on my nails. I could have done it freehand but why not to
use striping tape? The result is a lot cleaner.

I used Essence tip painter, 01 pure white. I bought this from the Netherlands during my Christmas
vacation because I think this is so handy and also cheap. I had one of these in my nail polish stash
already but it was quite old and thick already.

This phase is a bit messy but you can clean it afterwards. I used a dotting tool to make the base
of the roses. I started with one "ball" in the middle and continued by adding two other balls
next to it. This pink shade is called 177 happy end. It is probably my favorite pink shade ever! I think
this is the only bright pink polish that I own, though.

This is probably my favorite baby pink shade. I can't describe how much I love the nail polishes
of Essence. They have such beautiful colors and their nail polishes are also really cheap and good
quality! This shade is called 106 free hugs.

I started the rose shape in the middle where I added 2 dots/lines and then continued by adding
curvy lines around them. I painted the rose in the middle first and after that the ones on the both sides
of it. To achieve this look, I used a detail brush which I had cut by myself from a thicker brush.
 For some reason I think that it's really relaxing to paint roses on my nails.
It is quite detailed but also easy. 

I made the roses a bit more detailed by adding some white nail polish on them, inside the baby pink

Again using a detail brush I painted some leaves on my nails. Before I thought it was hard to
get the right shape but after practicing a bit I think it is really easy and fun. This green shade
is called 170 beijos de brazil.

On the last phase before top coat I made the leaves a bit more detailed with a lighter green shade 
and I am happy that I did! They look a lot better and stand out from the background. This nail polish
is called 79 viva la green.

To finish this design, I used a clear nail polish of Essence!

I didn't clean the area around my nails that much before taking this pictures but I hope that
they don't look too messy! I really love this design. It is springy and  so cute!

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