Friday, 20 March 2015

Outfit 19/3

It was such a nice weather on Thursday and I felt like writing an outfit post after a long time
so I went to our backyard to take pictures! I don't really know another place where to take pictures.
I am not really a fan of doing it in public because I don't like to be the center of attention etc. 
but it would look cooler than our backyard, haha.

I have also started using lookbook and I am not sure how to add the hype button here. I will figure
that out! Anyway, if you have a lookbook account and like my outfit, feel free to hype it HERE

I had to go to bank on Thursday and I changed the shoes to my Chelsea boots. I just thought
these shoes would look cool with this outfit when it is warmer and I don't need to wear a jacket

Jeans, Seppälä / Shirt, Gina Tricot / Kimono, Seppälä / Shoes, Spirit Store

I am not actually sure where my jewelry are from but I think the necklace is from Ur & Penn
and my rings from Gina Tricot or H&M! I would love to wear midi rings more often but
they fall off so easily from my little fingers ):

Here you can also see my new Kiko nail polish! It is a beautiful blue polish with some shimmer
in it. The shade is 521 Pearly Ocean. I have stamped one of my favorite prints on it with Konad.

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