Monday, 16 March 2015

March, week 2

Last week I had 3 of my final exams and I was hanging out quite a lot with my friends. I went
shopping and out and had a couple of relaxing days after the exams.

These two pictures are from Wednesday when I came from shopping with Senni. I thought the sky looked
so beautiful and I had to get a picture of it! I didn't buy anything this time because I spent
quite a lot of money a week before :)

Cappuccino to celebrate that my psychology exam was over.. Of course I didn't know how hard
the English exam would be on Friday.

On Thursday I went to hairdresser and I loved my new hair! Now that I've washed it, it isn't as
straight and shiny anymore :( I want to straighten it but I am afraid my hair would snap a lot.

I got a glazed apple body creme from Belgium last Christmas and my mom had bought the
shower gel so I tried both of them. I love the fresh smell of Apple!

Eating candy for the first time after 5 weeks (chocolate doesn't count ;)) because my mom decided
to buy some for me (too much). I watched a movie, The Other Woman, at the same time.

Sneak peek before my English exams.. I wasn't nervous because the practice exams haven't been
too hard and I got good grades but OH MY GOD this exam was hard! It had a lot of texts about
physics and politics and I had no idea what they were talking about most of the times :/

Later that day I was with Anna and we went to circuit training. After that we got ourselves ready
and went out :) We had a couple of drinks and we were dancing. It was fun!

Bad lighting and a crappy picture but I wanted a picture of us here :)

The next day we were just chilling out with Anna and we were relaxing for some time in our tub. 
We were quite tired so we didn't really do much the whole day.

I started watching Desperate Housewives again after a looong time again! I used to watch it in high school
and I thought I hadn't seen all the seasons but season 1 is familiar at least. Maybe I have skipped
a season at some point or I just think that I have. We'll see!

That was my week! This week I won't have any school and I should still study for one exam
and apply fot other schools!! These 3 years in senior high have gone by so fast. It is hard for me
to realize that I should go study somewhere else next fall..

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