Saturday, 31 May 2014

School's out & shopping

Finally it is time to take a break from school! I need to study this summer though but in a year
I am going to graduate! It sounds kind of scary because I am still not sure where to go after my study.

Anyway, yesterday I biked to shopping center with my mom! I also tried on a bit different makeup
than I usually wear. My everyday makeup is quite light but yesterday I had red-ish lips and winged eyeliner!

I like it but it isn't that much my style :P

I found a beautiful maxi dress from KappAhl. Yesterday everything was -30% there, so I got this
dress for only 20€! I have always thought that maxi doesn't suit me but I like this one at least.. it looks
fresh and summery. My mom needs to make it a tiny bit shorter though because it touches the ground..
I am too short! Also I was lucky to find a dress with adjustable straps because they are normally too
long for me.

I also bought sport shorts from Gina Tricot. They are good when the warm weather comes back
and I can also wear it under my skirts since these shorts are quite short (d'oh)

Me and my mom went to the Body Shop and after I'd been smelling this body sorbet for 5-10 minutes
I couldn't resist buying it. It smells so fruity and fresh. It is also good for hot weather since you can
put it in the fridge!

My first attempt at sugar spun nails last weekend. They aren't perfect but not that bad either. 

This is how I looked today when I went to school to see people graduating. The dress is from Boohoo!

After I came home, my grandpa stopped by and brought me these flowers! They smell so good. Next year
it is time for roses ;)

Monday, 26 May 2014

Outfit & makeup 26/5

Good evening! Finally I am done with all my exams. I was hanging out with Emilia on Saturday
and also today and here are a few pics. 

These are from Saturday. I went to buy ice cream with Emilia and we went sitting outside
for an hour or so. After that we came to my place, took soda and some snacks and went sitting
outside again! A nice warm day :) Emilia also promised to make me shorts <3

Cute Vilma trying to cool down :3

My nails at the moment: green glitter zebra :)

 Makeup I wore today. I love this lipstick of YSL :)

And outfit:

Shirt, BikBok / Jeans, Dr Denim / Shoes, KappAhl / Earrings, Seppälä

I was just hanging out with Emilia today and we ate ice cream again (hehe) and talked :)

Friday, 23 May 2014

Outfit 23/5

Really dramatic! 
It has been the warmest day this year so far, around 30 degrees. I am meeelting! 
I went to school today at 11 and I had a speaking test of Swedish.. we'll see how it went.
I had a lot of time to spend before going to school so I took outfit pictures.
Vilma was in the way all the time, though. She was following me everywhere!

Vilma photobomb

I went to school for 2 hours and that's why I wore just mascara and eyebrow makeup. I don't
really like to wear a lot of makeup in warm weather anyway. Also, because of the light, I don't have
a lot of good pictures of my outfit. They were just too bright all the time.

Shirt, Bershka / Shorts, Bershka / Cardigan, Gina Tricot / Shoes, KappAhl / Necklace, Gina Tricot

Thursday, 22 May 2014

What's up?

Hello! My exam week is already in the half way, yayy! Just one more speaking exam of 15 minutes
and one essay of Finnish!

I have stored some pictures from last week here and I've also taken some pictures today so I am doing
a post about my daily life now. First pics are from last week!

Going to exercise with my Nike leggings <3 They are so amazing! Also wearing
a shirt of Puma

Food food food <3 bread with shrimp mayonnaise, yummy! One of the best breads ever.

Window selfie! I was sunbathing and also burned that day.. It is getting better but I just sunbathed
today and my chest is a bit read at least.. and itchy.

Now to this day:

Warm day and I didn't want to wear the same skirt as yesterday and on Monday so I wore this
old one. I think it is from H&M. Shirt is from Gina Tricot!
Also, not really wearing makeup because exam week. And I was about to sunbathe anyway.

After the exam I went to Subway with Senni and after that we bought ice cream and went sitting on the
bench in the park :) It is so beautiful now when everything is green!

I came home half past one or so and went sunbathing.. I searched for sun protection for 10 minutes or so
but I couldn't find any.. well, at least I found after sun lotion.

I tried to study and I did read something... xD not really planning on reading for Swedish.

Vilma was yawning when I took a picture.. That face though.

Don't you also think they have something in common? ;)

Bread with coffee :)

I feel like going running but I have exercised 7 days in a row so I am just gonna have 
a rest day today. I was supposed to have it yesterday but I wanted a break from studying
and I went walking with my parents :) Walked for 8,3 km!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Essence: Makeup & Nails

Good evening! It has been quite tropical here today: 20-30 degrees, really humid, thundering, raining...
I went running today and it was quite awful (but also amazing) with the humidity and heat, haha. Also,
my face is burnt so it was really red again after running.

Anyway, to the topic: an order of Essence! We ordered them from HERE and the shipping
was really fast, just 1 week!

Essence blush up! powder blush, shade 10 heat wave
Essence bloom me up! blush stick, shade 02 blooming tender

I absolutely love this gradient blush <3 It is good that you can mix two colors or decide to take just one!
The blush stick is gorgeous peach color and it feels moist which I think is nice :)

Essence XXXL longlasting lipgloss, 2 coral delight
Essence kajal pencil, 04 white

The lipgloss is a nice red shade, perfect for tanned skin! I am not a big fan of darker lip color if I am
not tanned.. I think it just highlights the impurity of my face and makes it look more pale :p
And this is definitely not long lasting if you ask me but I have still not found a lip gloss that would be.

Essence all about nude eyeshadow , 01 nude
Essence smokey eyes set, 02 smokey day

The palette with 6 shades is really light and doesn't have a lot of pigment. I like the shades though and
they are nice for a really natural look. A couple of the shades are kind of matte.

I like the smokey eyes set more: the shades are perfect for every day makeup and they are a bit shimmery.
Also in the back of the palette are instructions how and where to add which shade!

A little test when I got these palettes.. this is the smokey eyes set!

Essence colour&go, 177 happy end
Essence colour&go, 157 my fortune cookie
Essence colour&go, 145 flashy pumpkin
Essence colour&go, 170 beijos de brazil

Gorgeous and pigmented colors <3 They also dry fast! I love Essence nail polishes. We were about to
order more but they were out of stock

Essence studio nails, moisturizing cuticle cream with vitamin e, panthenol & rich oils

I haven't tried this one yet! I have so many cuticle creams :) Sounds promising, though!

And here are my mom's orders! I don't have the products in my room so I am not gonna go
search after them now. She wanted a nail hardener, a gradient blush, superheroes -nail stickers
and an eye shadow palette! It has such beautiful shades.. probably gonna borrow it... ;)

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Flowers & Birds

Hello! I recently ordered a dress from and I haven't shown it on my blog yet
if I remember right! This morning I went to our backyard to take quick pictures of it.. On the pictures
it looks blue but in reality it is more green-ish. The top part is loose and the belt came with the dress.
Also, the delivery was quite fast as they it said on their site and it took less than 2 weeks.

I don't know why the colors here are so.. grey. Ignore it! :D

This dress is really light and I am happy it fits well! This was the last piece of this size and
I was afraid it would be too small but it fits just fine :) I am gonna wear this when my school ends..
not sure about the shoes yet, though! I have some where to choose from.