Saturday, 17 May 2014

Shoes, clothes & plans

Good evening :) It has been such a beautiful day! I biked to a shopping center today and
I should have worn less than jeans and a jacket.. it was reeaaally hot! 
So yeah, I biked there because I wanted to get shoes.. I wanted them when I was in Turku 2 weeks
ago but they were 50€ and I bought other shoes then.. However, yesterday my mom's co-worker
stopped by and she had bought the shoes and said they were on sale till Saturday! I had to go to check 
them and I think they are so amazing <3

Sorry about the phone quality but as you can see, I found also extra stuff.. I bought this skirt and
the shirt below from Gina Tricot. I have a gift card which I got as a Xmas gift so I didn't really need to 
pay them :3

That picture is a bit shaken.. better pictures some other day :3

And here are my lovely shoes <3 I am not gonna wear them though if I need to walk for hours!
They are black, have holes on them (also on the toes) and a zipper in the back. Often these kind of
shoes aren't good for my feet.. my skin always gets removed! These do feel comfortable and soft
on the back though so I hope they won't get my skin off! The heel is 11cm long :)

After shopping for a bit I biked back home.. I felt so burnt out already before biking back. I made it
though and the rest of the day I have sunbathed, studied psychology and been on my laptop (Y)
My exam week starts on Wednesday and just 2 weeks and my summer vacation has started!

I haven't probably told almost anything about my summer vacation.. Well, I will have a day of
on Sunday 1st of June and the 2nd day my job starts. I have the same job as last year: cleaning
beaches and other areas outside.. Not the best job ever but at least I get some money  :)
After my summer job, so at the end of June, I will go to Spain with my parents! I haven't mentioned
that at least because it hasn't been sure. Anyway, we will go there by car&ship again as always.
I will stay there for a bit less than 2 weeks and fly back home.. I am a bit nervous about that one though,
because the last time I was on a plane was when I was less than 1 year + I need to do it alone in
foreign country. I will survive..
I am gonna be back to Finland 11th of July and Ted comes here the following day, 12th of July :)
Need to go home from Helsinki and then back again the next day.. haha.
Then Ted will stay here till the beginning of August and then I have a week (a bit more) till school
starts.. and I also need to read for my matriculation exams during vacation!

That is my summer vacation in nutshell! Many amazing moments will fit in there, I am sure :)