Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Nails: Flamingo

Hello after a long time! I kind of forgot my blog for a bit but at least I still have some pictures!
This is gonna be a nail post as the title says. However, I got Essence products last Friday so I am gonna
make a post of them during the weekend.
This beginning of the week has gone with exercising, nails and school stuff. I need to make an essay
still this week and I don't have any motivation.. also, my exam week starts in a week s: Need to read
for that as well!
Oh yeah and also, my laptop kind of broke on Sunday but Ted helped me to fix it, yay!

ANYWAY, my nails:

OPI Nail Envy (original)

I used 2 different shades of blue next to each other (Rimmel, 825 Sky High and OPI Can't find my
czechbook) but they didn't really stand out because they were so close to each other. I tried to make it
better with one layer of blue glitter nail polish. I used a blue shimmery nail polish of Make Up Store, 601.
It made the middle area stand out a bit more so I was happy with it!
Oh yeah, the pink nail polish is one of the new polishes I ordered. It is Essence colour&go,177 Happy end.
I had a similiar one of Essence before but I ran out of it.. this may be the exact same shade.

I added the same blue nail polish of OPI and Make Up Store on my ring finger and thumb.

Starting to create the body of flamingo. It always looks so messy when I add layers... :D

When that is done, I added the "nose". I have no idea if it is called differently in English haha.

Nude polish: OPI Samoan Sand
Black polish: Wet 'n' Wild, Black Crème

A little detail: golden glitter on the flamingos!
This is called Moda Young nail polish. I have never even heard of the brand but yeah.. Just discovered
we have this so I wanted to try it out :)

The result after adding OPI Top Coat!

I have wanted to make flamingo nails for a while now and I think these are quite cute :3

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