Monday, 26 May 2014

Outfit & makeup 26/5

Good evening! Finally I am done with all my exams. I was hanging out with Emilia on Saturday
and also today and here are a few pics. 

These are from Saturday. I went to buy ice cream with Emilia and we went sitting outside
for an hour or so. After that we came to my place, took soda and some snacks and went sitting
outside again! A nice warm day :) Emilia also promised to make me shorts <3

Cute Vilma trying to cool down :3

My nails at the moment: green glitter zebra :)

 Makeup I wore today. I love this lipstick of YSL :)

And outfit:

Shirt, BikBok / Jeans, Dr Denim / Shoes, KappAhl / Earrings, Seppälä

I was just hanging out with Emilia today and we ate ice cream again (hehe) and talked :)

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