Sunday, 4 May 2014


Good evening! A nice long weekend is over and I've got some pictures to share with you about my weekend

I had a little friend with me on Friday night :3 Well, she just wanted my food and then left.

Saturday morning: starting my day with the Vampire Diaries and a nice breakfast!
After that was time to make an essay for ethics and it took just 2 hours so I was done with it
around noon already :)

I decided to do my makeup because I was bored :D I tried the other palette of IsaDora which
I got from my mom (65 Khaki Bronze)

I didn't really have any plans for Saturday but I asked if Petra could hang out. We went outside
to take some pics and talk and then came to my place to do her nails!

 Here you can see my outfit of yesterday and today! I love my new shoes and shirt <3

Shirt, BikBok / Jeans, Dr Denim / Shoes, KappAhl
I was also wearing a necklace and bracelet but you can't really see them here!

Here are the octopus nails I did for Petra! They aren't perfect but I like them :)
I took more pictures of them so I will make a seperate post about them maybe tomorrow or some day.

I don't have any pictures of Saturday evening but I had a sleepover with Anna! I went there around 11 pm
when I got picked up and after that we went walking for an hour or so.. A bit weird time but it was nice!
After that we were just in Anna's room and watching a movie which was on TV.

Today I went shopping with my parents and did my nails :) A nice Sunday! I am quite tired now, though.

I wanted something simple but cute so I decided to use some glitter. I love glitter but I don't really
wear it often since I like to do some "real" nail art :) Here are the used nail polishes:

OPI Nail Envy
OPI Samoan Sand
Mavala 215 Pink Diamond
OPI When Monkeys Fly!
OPI Top Coat

These pants here were an awesome find! I have fell in love with long and tight running pants
and I found these of Nike! They were still 40€ (normally 50€) but I got them and I am happy!
The Nike logo looks really nice on the leg and these feel soooo comfortable on!

I have been craving for this Volume Million Lashes mascara for 1,5 years or so. I have never wanted
to buy it because it costs 20€ here but today it was 15€ so I just had to get it. I have heard it is really
good and soon I can test it!

So that was my weekend: movie, shopping twice and friends! Now I am ready to start a new week
 and exercise more than last week. I exercised just 2 times in the beginning of the week
and it felt really weird.. well, maybe it is good to rest sometimes ;)

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