Thursday, 1 May 2014

Relaxing first day of May

Everyone was partying last night and tonight and I am just staying home... because I am a good girl
like that :3 I don't really care about going drinking with random people outside in the cold.. that isn't
really my thing.

Today while other people had hangover, I have made quite a big order with my mom to this online
store! We ordered Essence makeup and nail polishes with 36€ or so. When we are getting the
products, you are gonna get quite a long post ;) 

This morning I decided to clean my makeup drawer. I took all my makeup (picture above) out of it
and placed them on the floor. I threw quite a lot make up away..

That's how much I got off from my collection: one basket! Now I also have more space there
since I got one makeup bag empty ;)
Here is the clean drawer:

My mom gave me two of her makeup palettes (she has soooo much makeup and she doesn't ever
wear it..) and the shades are lovely <3 I tried on the left one today with quite light and natural
shades of brown. The pigment isn't that much but I think it is just perfect if you want a natural look.

These palettes are of IsaDora and the left one is called 51 Cappuccino and the right one, which
is a bit more shimmery and darker, is called 65 Khaki Bronze

I also organized my makeup brushes and washed them! It is so much easier to find them like this
than from a makeup bag that is completely full.

Today was also a day I thought would never come: I filled in my brows! 
Why didn't I think this day would come? Well, a year or two ago I tried to fill in my brows and the
shade was sooo dark I turned out looking like a witch.. I promised I would never touch eyebrow makeup again! 
Today I tried on the lighter shade of this palette from the Body Shop. I am just not completely
sure if it is too light or just perfect. I don't want it to look harsh and I am afraid that the darker shade
would look like it. But please, all you eyebrow experts, give your opinion if this is a good shade or
too light! I like it though and I think it frames my face nicely.

I am wearing a simple but in my opinion, nice outfit today! We went to my grandparents after 4 pm
so I had to wear something else but sweatpants.
Shirt, H&M / Jeans, Dr Denim / Scarf, Gina Tricot 

Some sweet stuff <3 

Now I am home and it is 7 pm. I am not sure how I am gonna spend the rest of the evening
but tomorrow I will go to the movies with Petra to watch Divergent! It has been aaaall over we♥it
for some time now. Before the movie we will also go shopping for a bit and I am gonna try to find some
nice spring/summer/fall shoes for me. I know what kind of shoes I want but I am not sure about the
color quite yet.. ;)

Oh yeah, happy first day of May and it was snowing here in the morning!! It was AWFUL to wake up
in the morning and see white trees outside. Fortunately the snow is all gone now and sun is shining!

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