Saturday, 31 May 2014

School's out & shopping

Finally it is time to take a break from school! I need to study this summer though but in a year
I am going to graduate! It sounds kind of scary because I am still not sure where to go after my study.

Anyway, yesterday I biked to shopping center with my mom! I also tried on a bit different makeup
than I usually wear. My everyday makeup is quite light but yesterday I had red-ish lips and winged eyeliner!

I like it but it isn't that much my style :P

I found a beautiful maxi dress from KappAhl. Yesterday everything was -30% there, so I got this
dress for only 20€! I have always thought that maxi doesn't suit me but I like this one at least.. it looks
fresh and summery. My mom needs to make it a tiny bit shorter though because it touches the ground..
I am too short! Also I was lucky to find a dress with adjustable straps because they are normally too
long for me.

I also bought sport shorts from Gina Tricot. They are good when the warm weather comes back
and I can also wear it under my skirts since these shorts are quite short (d'oh)

Me and my mom went to the Body Shop and after I'd been smelling this body sorbet for 5-10 minutes
I couldn't resist buying it. It smells so fruity and fresh. It is also good for hot weather since you can
put it in the fridge!

My first attempt at sugar spun nails last weekend. They aren't perfect but not that bad either. 

This is how I looked today when I went to school to see people graduating. The dress is from Boohoo!

After I came home, my grandpa stopped by and brought me these flowers! They smell so good. Next year
it is time for roses ;)

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