Friday, 23 May 2014

Outfit 23/5

Really dramatic! 
It has been the warmest day this year so far, around 30 degrees. I am meeelting! 
I went to school today at 11 and I had a speaking test of Swedish.. we'll see how it went.
I had a lot of time to spend before going to school so I took outfit pictures.
Vilma was in the way all the time, though. She was following me everywhere!

Vilma photobomb

I went to school for 2 hours and that's why I wore just mascara and eyebrow makeup. I don't
really like to wear a lot of makeup in warm weather anyway. Also, because of the light, I don't have
a lot of good pictures of my outfit. They were just too bright all the time.

Shirt, Bershka / Shorts, Bershka / Cardigan, Gina Tricot / Shoes, KappAhl / Necklace, Gina Tricot

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