Tuesday, 21 April 2015

New jacket

I've been searching for a new leather jacket for some time but I was never completely
satisfied with the looks of the jacket while trying it on. Last week however I found a (fake) leather
jacket from Zara which I really like. I like the golden details and peplum makes it look a lot
more feminine.

On the sides and inner side of the leaves you can see other kind of fabric which is really flexible
and also a nice detail!

I also fell in love with these little details on the back side!

It was hard for me to get a picture of the back side but I succeeded.. somehow!
This jacket is just perfect for spring! I am also excited about being able to wear my denim jacket
soon (hopefully).

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Outfits for spring

I wanted to show you a couple of outfits with my 2 new shirts. I thought these outfits look
so springy especially with the sun shining on the background :) 

Here I'm wearing my new off shoulder shirt from BikBok. The model and print are so cute
and perfect for spring and summer! I am also wearing jeans of Dr. Denim and my necklace is from
Gina Tricot. Unfortunately you can't see it so well here! I am not sure if these shoes have ever been 
on my blog but I bought them from Germany last Xmas :) 

Here's the other outfit with my first crop top! I didn't want a really short model so I thought
this one looked good :) I am definitely gonna wear this shirt a lot in summer! Further I am wearing
jeans from Seppälä and my shoes are from DinSko. Unfortunately you can't see my jewelry so well
but I am wearing a heart necklace which is from Primark and my Nomination bracelet. My denim
jacket is from Stradivarius and I bought it last summer from Spain :)

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Shopping day

I've been gone again for a couple of weeks but here I am again! I was quite busy with studying for
entrance exams and I got a job this week actually. I am working as a substitute as cleaner. Not the
best job ever but at least I get money! 
Because of work I've been waking up at 5 this week for three days and I've been soooo tired! I slept
around 4-5 hours for two nights... It was nice to relax today with Petra when we went shopping :)

Cola and raspberry cheesecake -cookie ♥

Today was the warmest day so far this year! The sun felt so warm and it wasn't windy at all :)

I actually went kind of crazy with shopping and bought quite a lot of things, haha. I took some
pictures of my new clothes with my iPhone :)

Lace dress, H&M

I thought I could wear the dress already in spring with stockings and a jacket :) thought this combo
would look nice!

Turtleneck shirt, Seppälä

I would want to wear gray all the time nowadays! I don't know what it is about. 
I've wanted to get a nice turtleneck shirt for some time now but wasn't sure if it would suit me because
I used to hate them :P I like it though (especially with a long necklace) !

Off shoulder shirt, BikBok

I've been crazy about off shoulder shirts lately and when I entered BikBok it was full of them! It was
hard to decide which color to pick. I think the black one looked nice but I wanted something a bit
more special so I got this :) Really summery!

Crop top, Seppälä

I was about to buy this already a month ago but left it in the store.. now I got it! I was hesitating
for a bit because I thought it is a bit too expensive for a crop top. It is organic cotton so it makes the
price higher of course.

Bracelet, H&M

Last but not least, a snake skin (fake of course) bracelet! It was on sale (€3!!) and I thought it
looked so cool and something different from what I usually wear :)