Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Whitening nail treatment

Good evening! I've made it through a looong school day and soon it is time to go to zumbaaaa!

This post, as the title says, is about nails once again :D Well, I had to delete all my previous posts so
actually there aren't many nail posts anymore. Maybe I will make one at some point, which has also some
of my other nails seen on this blog.

I have a new kind of nail treatment I've been doing for a few months now. At the moment I am
doing a nail treatment once a week, usually on Mondays but it changes a bit sometimes.
I am using ingredients which you can find from your kitchen: warm water, lemon juice and baking
powder. Together they should make your nails whiter! Now when I've been using this, I think
my nails have become whiter :)

I think it is also funny that baking powder makes a little bubbles in the water :3

And as always, using a cuticle cream/oil and pushing the cuticles. After that adding some hand cream
and waiting for my nails to dry!

After my nails are dry, I just add 2 layers of Nail Envy! My nails have become a lot stronger
and thus they don't break often anymore. They are also getting quite long (in my scale ;))

I recommend to try out this treatment with lemon and baking powder and adding some
cuticle and hand cream after it! It keeps your cuticles moisturized and helps your nails to grow.
I tend to add hand cream every evening nowadays :)
And yeah, to finish off, add some nail hardener!

I was about to put my nails on this same post but this became quite long so I am just gonna make
another post of it :)

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