Monday, 21 April 2014

Nails: Easter

So, now my blog starts kind of from the start.. On my previous post I mentioned that all the pictures
on my blog have disappeared.. Now I have a new header (thanks to Ted :)) and the poll on the
left side. So, vote please <3 I would want to make this blog better and make posts that you also might
be interested about.

To the topic of the post..

 .. Easter nails!

Starting with adding 2 coats of Nail Envy to make my nails less likely to break

Adding the base colors:
White: OPI Alpine Snow
Blue: OPI Can't Find My Czechbook
Yellow: Gosh, 590 Yellow Doll

I started with my index finger. I made chick, using a detail brush and a dotting tool.
I made the "edges of the egg" with a detail brush and eyes and a nose with a dotting tool
(eyes with the big side and the nose with the smaller one)

The polishes above I used on my middle finger. Again, I used a detail brush and a dotting tool
Polishes from left to right:
OPI Can't Find My Czechbook
Inglot, 151
Inglot, 971
Gosh, 590 Yellow Doll

Next I made a pink bunny on my ring finger and while it was drying, I made dots on my
For the bunny I used a detail brush and for the dots, a dotting tool of course!

Making the base of the bunny, so, face and ears
(Inglot 151)

While my ring finger was drying, I made dots on the pinkie
(Gosh, 590 Yellow Doll)

Sleeping eyes on the bunny and a cute sticker ribbon to finish it off!
The Black nail polish is OPI Black Onyx

On my thumbs I decided to create a bit of grass and two flowers.
I used a detail brush for the grass and mixed together two different shades of green:
Models Own, Endamame
Depend (this is from some clothing store so they don't usually have names)

I also added the middle of the flower with a white nail polish and a yellow one

When the nail had dried, I just added the petals of the flower with a dotting tool and finished my nail art
with OPI Top Coat

I was a bit hasty with this nail art, though.. They took some time to dry and I started changing my clothes
so two of my nails got ruined on my right hand (index and middle finger). I tried to be positive and
was happy that it wasn't the ring finger at least, haha :)

So, that were my Easter nails and remember to vote on the poll! :*

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