Sunday, 20 April 2014

Vacation time

Hello! I still have a post of my Easter nails to come but I decided to put something about my
life here again after some time. This blog is nowadays more about nails and shopping than my life
but I don't know what you prefer! I just don't carry my camera around that much anymore.

The picture above is taken on Thursday when I went to interval step. I don't think that the shirt has
ever been here because it was in laundry when I made a post about my new clothes. Anyway, it is
from Gina Tricot and I think it's perfectly loose for exercising and also for summer! I am also wearing my
favorite exercise pants <3 I may buy other ones like that too and also shorts for summer.. these will be
way too hot in a few months!

Last evening Petra, her mom and her husband came to our place to spend the evening. We went to
jacuzzi, played with our tablets and also me and Petra played Trivial Pursuit with our moms for about
two hours. Some people might now be like "lameee, playing with you parents" but I don't know.. we 
had a lot of fun! Guess I am growing too old to hate on my parents :D

They left around 2 am and I just went straight to the bed since I had woken up around 8 that morning.
This morning I woke up around 9:30 which felt quite late for me. I ate quite a lot of sweets last night
so I still felt a bit sick about. That's why I decided to get my running shoes and go running! Today has 
probably been the warmest day so far. It is around 16 degrees now. When I went running before noon
it was hard to keep my jacket on because of the heat. I hope it won't get at least a lot colder anymore.

Ocean looks so nice again without all the ice and snow <3 

I also sunbathed for some time today! I think I will continue it a bit tomorrow :)

Anyway, I am gonna put a poll on my blog so please answer it <3 
Hopefully you all have had a nice vacation!

// Oh yeah.. all my pictures on the blog have disappeared because I deleted them from my google
account.. :( Guess I need to delete all my previous posts.


  1. Mist toi sun takki o (3. viimeinen kuva) :) ?

    1. okei kiitti paljon!Tosi kivan näkönen takkia :)

    2. Eipä mitään :) itekki tykkään ja viel sen lisäks tollane kevyt mut sateen- ja tuulenpitävä!