Monday, 21 April 2014

Running & sunbathing

Hello! One nice day is over soon again. It has been so warm again today and this was the first
time this year that I could go running with a hoodie! I could've already yesterday but I didn't..

Here are some pictures of my day! 

Starting my morning with a good breakfast (notice that I forgot to take a picture before biting)

I also did a nail treatment this morning

After 12 pm I decided to go running because the weather was amazing (still is <3).
Now I have a bit more motivation again because my heart rate monitor started working. It hasn't been
working for months so I couldn't wear it :(

Some pictures taken while I was walking/running :) My walk took a bit over an hour and I burnt
almost 500 calories, not bad ;)

When I got home, our lunch was just ready and after that I decided to go sunbathing again!

I was sunbathing for almost two hours :D 
And then it was time to do my nails, which means that you can get a new nail post tomorrow!

Sneak peek ;)

This day was about the same as yesterday.. went running and sunbathing. I also went to jacuzzi
last evening and I will go again soon :> then it is time to get school stuff ready for tomorrow :(
Starting with an 8 hour long day right after a little vacation.. meh.

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