Sunday, 8 February 2015

Week 6

Good morning!

I don't post about my life that much anymore nowadays but I thought I could share some
pictures of this week with you. I haven't done anything special: I had an exam, I have been studying
and reading and I went shopping. I also had a sleepover with Anna but I don't have any pictures of that!

I love when bare trees are covered with snow. It makes everything look so much brighter!

I went to library on Tuesday to return a couple of books and I found my new favorite section where
they have for example books of Stephen king, Dan Brown and Lee Child. Horror, thriller and crime!
I borrowed The Da Vinci Code and Desperation. I was happy to found Desperation there! I thought
they wouldn't have it in that little library :)

I had anchor nails last week and I didn't want to take off the anchor design yet so I just removed
the polish from all of my nails but ring finger and painted them again. I love this glitter with blue!! 

On Wednesday I went shopping with my mom. I found this cute cartoon blouse from H&M
and it was too adorable not to buy :3

I also got a concealer because my other one is too light for me :( But this seems to be working
quite well under my eyes!

I have way too many books to read but I couldn't resist the offer: 3 paperbacks with €15! I got
some crime books.. Kind of nice to have some Finnish books since most of my books are in English.

Relaxing Friday morning with tea, croissant and my book!

I don't have pictures of my weekend. I hung out with Anna, I have been studying and reading
and last night I watched Big Hero 6 with Ted! It was quite good :) Today I am just gonna
read and study again + exercise. 

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