Sunday, 28 September 2014

Cruise to Stockholm

I had such a wonderful time on the cruise with Petra, her cousin and girlfriend!
The evening didn't start so good, though. There was a new rule that you can't bring alcohol on the ship
so they took all my cans away. We were allowed to buy 6 cans of cider/beer on the ship so
at least we didn't need to buy really expensive drinks from the bar.

We were drinking a bit in the cabin and dancing the whole night till 3 am or so. It was mostly fun
and the music was good!

Sex on the beach -drinks, yummy! Petra's cousin recommended these so we had to buy them :3
They have vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice and it was delicious!

 The next morning, after sleeping for some hours, we had a breakfast buffet and later that day
we went for a lunch. I got potato salad with broccoli and salmon. It was really good but I couldn't
finish it all. There was so much food and I wasn't that hungry.

 The second day on the ship was a bit more boring as always, but we got some stuff to do.
We were sitting in the lounge with Petra, went shopping a few times and went to watch Bingo
which her cousin & gf participated. 

I bought Ted Baker bag on the ship. It looks sooo cute! I love the golden zipper, the cute bow
and the material of the bag.

I also got another Victoria's Secret fragrance mist (and one for my mom), called Amber Romance!
They all smell so good so it was a hard decision to make!

Now my fun weekend is coming to an end I need to study for my psychology exam. It kind of
feels empty to be home after such a fun weekend! I don't have school before Wednesday
so I have good time to "recover" and study, at least.

Thank you for the weekend, Petra! ♥

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