Saturday, 29 November 2014

Last days

Good evening! I've got some pictures again and I thought about telling you a bit about my week :)
It hasn't been anything special but a nice one :>

I went to a book store this week because I wanted to get a book for the flight (19 days!). I saw
a Finnish translation of this book and I was like "what is this for a book" and found out it was this
one.. Looking for Alaska (literal Finnish translation, "All the last words". Really?!). 
As some of you know, I've kind of been into reading for roughly half a year now. It had been
many years that I hadn't read anything (except for school).

I got Looking for Alaska by John Green and I am excited to read it :) it is a young-adult fiction
book and I love them! If I understood the back cover, it should be about adventure and love!

Sneak peek to my new jacket <3 

Making some crêpes.. this was the first one that came out decent, haha. The first one I made
was awful! It didn't even look like a crêpe.

Step aerobics on Thursday evening!

Outfit of Friday!

Shirt, H&M / Skirt, Vero Moda

And my current nails! I took off my gel (at least for a week or so) because my nails are really
dry at the moment because of it. I wouldn't want to use gel but I am afraid that my nails will
break without it. Maybe they will break next week already. Let's hope for the best!
And btw, all you need for this look is a toothpick :) easy!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

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